Monday, July 03, 2006

A New Kind of Racism??

First I must say:


Now for the post,
I was visiting Kara's blog. She usually presents interesting questions or viewpoints in her posts that make you step back and think.

This one was no exception.

Her reply to MY comment had me pondering further. I decided to post what I wrote on her blog here as well . Even out of context, they are still interesting enough to stand on their own.

Read Kara's Post Then, ruminate on my response to her reply:

Has Hollywood influenced the perception of exotic people being more desirable than our own countrymen/women?

Are we brainwashed into buying into the allure of the exotic?

If we see it, read about it, hear about it, does it lead us towards believing that interpretation without personal experience to color our views? [this can refer to anything , truly]

Is this "new kind of racism" a result of veiwing life from the media viewpoint???

Have you, any of you, experienced this in any degree in your own life?

And if you wonder, "Why in the hell did I post a question like this connected with the 4th?",

I'll say this.

We celebrate a day that our community forefathers, past family members and family friends fought and died for.
Our freedom from oppression, suppression and repression.
Of our liberties,
Of our words [spoken and written],
Of our way of life,
and Of our beliefs.

Racism taints all the above and is a battle that needs to be fought - daily.
It can exhibit in overt or subversive forms,
insidious in all its degrees.

Today's focus may seem trivial and touch upon an unimportant form of racism.

But can we afford to ignore even the mildest form??


Kara Alison said...

Michele - My blog is worthy of being referenced on your site! I've made it!

Seriously, thanks. I'm very honored. Glad to have made your brain hurt a little.

Brandy said...

Don't quite know how to respond. Racism exists. And, sad to say, it always has in some form or another. Did you ever think that it's not just racism of color, but of countries as well?
Oh, and read Karens blog entry. Sounds like the guy was trying to find a common identity to share with a woman he found interesting.

Michele said...

That's what is so great about Kara's posts... she sometimes leaves things open for interpretation. I think she enjoys seeing what spin the readers will place on what she's written. Hardly anyone who reads them comes up with the same thing.
Isn't that great?

Michele said...

LOL! Kara.
Yep , my brain hurts sometimes, but in a good way.
It means it's WORKING!!
You're very welcome. I thought your post was very thought provoking and wanted to share with my readers what I like about your blog so much.
You make us think while usually having fun too.