Monday, May 30, 2005

May I share a moment?

Wow, another Memorial Day has come and gone. Weather
wasn't the best, but neither was it the worst. Hope yours was fine,

Went to Mt. Washington, New Hampshire. Even went up via the
Cog Railway. What an experience! Did you know they burn
1 ton of coal per trip? The coal dust that rains down on the car
makes you glad that the windows enclose you in. There was
still snow!! Couldn't count it in feet, but in parts , definitely in inches.
Another thing I didn't count on was what I discovered; another reason
to appreciate the 21st century. After smelling the coal fumes, I thought
back to the days when coal and wood were all one had to heat a home or power a factory.
The air quality had to have been the pits.!! I have a greater respect for the air
that we breathe now.

Next, I want to share one of my favorite B movies from the 50's. The Crawling Eye.
Starred Forrest Tucker. He was such a hunk back then. (uh, before F-troop *grin*)
Why , do you ask, do I go from Memorial Day to a monster movie? Ambiance!!!!
If you've had the thrill of seeing the movie, you'd remember that the "fog" or
cloud seemed to move eerily back and forth on the Mattahorn (spelling oops?).
Well, the day I traveled to the Top of Mt. Washington had a spectacular view
of just such an occurance. It was thrillingly creepy to see the mountains in a
mist that seems to curl and undulate upon itself ; to darken and lighten as though
to a mood. In living color, before my eyes, I could envision the scene depicted in one of
my favorite B movies. Is that cool or what??
My question to you...... Has something happened to YOU that mirrored a moment in one of
your favorite shows/movies/books??? If so, care to share????? I have another one, but I'll
save that for another day ...... to be continued... *grin*


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nothing comes to mind at the moment, but that mist sounds so cool. It must have been quite the sight }:)

Michele said...

Yes, It was. I'm not used to such huge mountains, so it made an impact. Once down 'in the valley", seeing the lightning hit a top of a mountain was cool. I love thunderstorms and it was nice to see it in its majestic glory.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on rain and thunderstorms :)

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