Monday, January 09, 2006

I discovered a new author!!!!

I've been visiting Katie Mac's site for almost a year now. Amazing, isn't it?
On GNT's a/k/a Good News Tuesdays, many people come to share. Some are lovely and sentimental, others are practical and many are funny. One was an author that finally has made it!
She's had quite a few stories sell all at once. Isn't that wonderful?
Not that I wasn't happy to read about it, but I never thought I'd go any farther than just sending a "Congratulations" comment and go my merry way.

This time, something caught my eye, tickled my interest and drew me to investigate further. This particualr story is an e-book from a publisher I'd never heard of: Whisky Creek Press. Have to say ...I think I'm putting in my personal FAV's file along with Ellora's Cave and NCP.

It's called Private Dancer and the author is Ann Corey. Anyone ever read her stories? If they are like the one I just read, I'm hooked.

Even the cover was hot.

Its got a great tortured hero who is a vampire (of course *grin*) and a wonderful story journey that takes us to the heroine's HEA.
Oh, did I meantion that some of the scenes are hot?

*sigh*, Ann really satisfied my "romance meter" with this one.
If E-books, vampires, hot romance and a satisfying HEA are your criteria for inspiring you r interest, than this one delivers....

If I sound like a Ad, sorry. Its just when I read something from someone for the first time and it 's a good experience, I don't think keeping it to myself is healthy.
Because the one thing I like to do with books that I've read is to share them and having a dialog about what was great and what was the best and what wasn't is one of....My Favorite Things!!!


Brandy said...

I, for one, enjoy reading about different authors. I'll be sure to look her up. As for Whiskey Creek Press, I listed them on a LONG list of e-book sites a few posts into my then new blog. Glad to see I'm not the only one who knows they exist!

Shesawriter said...

I'm getting it. Vampire. Tortured hero. Hot love scenes. Yeah, baby! Thanks for the recommend. Never been to Whiskey Creek Press but WILL check it out.


Annalee Blysse said...

I'm reading Winter Wishes one story at a time. It's their Torrid line's latest anthology. Getting this book was the first time I bought from them, but I noticed that book on there... just didn't get it at the time.

Meenal Mehta said...

hey Michelle ,

here you go just as you requested :)

the meatball recipe

Enjoy and let me know how it turned out

Avindair said...

You know, Michele, I'm not so sure you'll like my movie. Vampires don't tend to do very well around Cassie Banning.

Just sayin...


Meenal Mehta said...

hey Michelle

linked you on my site and ofcourse here is the answer to your question ..
"yes cumin comes in seeds and pops like popcorn gives great flavor ..

sure make your own meatballs but do put in salt and the basic stuff

On second thoughts ...go with all the stuff u put in...speaking of which ...what do you put in the meatballs ? "

Ann Cory said...

Awww, thanks so much sweetie! I appreciate everything you said :) I'm very proud of this book. The beautiful cover is done by Jinger Heaston...who I think is amazing.
You're a doll!!!

Michele said...

Oh My gosh,!!!!
Everyone had such lovely comments and I didn't respond!!
*20 lashes with a wet noodle*

Brandy! Thanks! I vaguely remember the list that you had awhile back ..I was still kinda new myself with ebooks. Now I LOVE em!
Hope you have a chance to read her story!

Tanya! WooHoo!! I hope you do get it, and you HAVE to let me know what you thought!

Hi Annalee! The anthology sounds good, are you going to blog about it when you're done??

Meenal! Thanks for getting back to me about the Meatballs. I think I have most of the ingredients. Looking forward to trying it!!

Avindair, you always have a way of wresting a smile out of me. I'm sure I'd like your vamps for a totally different reason than why I like them in romance books..

Ann!! Howdy!!! I'm so glad you popped on over to see what I said. I meant Every Single Word!!I hope you have an awesome 2006 with published stories. All the best!!

**whew** I think that's everyone.
Thanks for all your wonderful comments everyone!!