Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Unleash the Night and the joy of reading

Before I revv my engines and talk about what I've read, I want to first thank all those who left comments on the post "I've found a new author!", I can't believe I never went back and replied!!! **bangs head on keyboard**. I've rectified that oversight. Thank you for your comments folks! Including the author of whom I wrote. ...Isn't that Cool???? **psst, and NO I didn't miss her. She just commented today and that's what clued me in about my gaff.**

OK, Let's get the synapses firing folks.....

Reading romance books.
Where do I find the time?
Darned if I know.
But I do. Especially for "Sherrilyn Kenyon's latest Dark Hunter book, Unleash the Night.
Well, this one isn't about the yummy Dark Hunters, but another from their world.
Wren Tigarian... I fell in love with the excerpt on Sherrilyn's website months ago. January seemed like it was never going to get here.
Then ,

2006 !! And books are coming out this year that are going to be awesome.

I was not disappointed in this book. I've read some people didn't take to it because it did not feature the Dark Hunters. That wasn't a problem for me. I think this expanding world is akin to our own. We have circular relationships, why not in the literary world too? We do meet again, Savitar and we get another peek at Nick, who I miss terribly. I loved his human character and I'm looking forward to his journey towards being a Dark Hunter. But I that's not easy to do? **grin**
I enjoyed their meeting and growth of the relationship between Marguerite D'Aubert Goudeau and Wren. I did not like the fact that I wasn't paying attention to some very cleverly written clues and had I done so, the ending wouldn't have caught me as a complete surprise. I guess I was a little distracted by Wren *wink*. This is a book worth the eye time.

Ever since recanting that "I don't read Regencies", I'm picking up steam in that genre.
Eloisa James' Much Ado About You
was a delightful read. Long, but delightful.
It is the first in a series of 4 sisters, of which, Tess, who is the eldest, gets to marry first.
Her intended, in a round about way, ends up being Lucius Felton. Love the name "Lucius".
Anyway...although I enjoyed this story, the premise for one of the sisters, Imogen...I can't get excited about . Reading this book was like listening to a harp being played and out of no where a wrong string was plucked. As much as I liked this one.. I don't feel a deep abiding urge to rush out for the rest. However, I may be in the minority in that. **shrug** Que sera, sera.

The next one on my reading notch is The Fairy Tale Bride by Kelly McClymer. The title and the back cover blurb was very intriguing so I thought I'd take a chance on this. Never heard of the author before.

As much as there were some truly inspired moments and some high points, it didn't keep my interest. It just seemed to me that the Hero's hang-up wasn't that big of a deal, yet it was all consuming in this. Maybe I just don't get the social complexities of the period, but I'm glad I found this one in the library.

I continued with the Regency kick and read :

To Kiss a Spy by Jane Feather.
Now THIS one...this story I got into. It was fun and exciting. The heroine , Lady Pen Bryanston,
is sassy, clever and far from dull. The hero, Owen D'Arcy is quite the spy-for the times.. all set amongst the royal courst and their intrigue. There's a follow up to this one and I'm strongly in favor of continued the literary journey this author has set up.

Going forwards in contempory time, I read one of my favorite haunts: Harlequin Intrigues. This one was called,

Undercover Encounter by Rebecca York.

I'm never disappointed in Rebecca's writing and this is no exception. Gritty, intense, suspenseful, the ONLY complaint that I can think of was that there really wasn't a lot of time spent on the romance per se. This was a Good Guys vs. the Bad Guys and the good guys don't bat 100 in this one. Of course, that sets you up to read the next book. Can you see me resisting...much? *giggle*

The last, but not least is a book regarding my absolute favorite genre.
Can you guess?
Vampires!! What else? This time, it takes place in Medieval times with a Knight returning from the Crusades. He is beset upon by vampires and turned.
He gets my vote for a well written tortured hero.
My Demon's Kiss by Lucy Blue is a quick, involving, entertaining read. IMHO.

His name is Simon and our Heroine's name is Isabel. She's well written and strong - again, for the time period. I was so glad the author never had us get stuck in the "oh, should I or shouldn't I, but I want to,,...oh no that 's not proper...*gasp* faint " kind of scenarios... Those just make my eyes cross.

What's great about this story is that this is the first book in a series. And I WANT to read more! She did a great job in setting up the background and secondary subplot which, I suspect, will take center stage in a future story.

If Vampires, Medieval times, Knights, quests and good relationships between characters are some of your reading criteria, then, you just might like reading this story... If you don't, please keep your fangs to yourself...


Happy reading to you!!!!


Annalee Blysse said...

That Demon's Kiss book... I was looking at it in the store but didn't buy yet. LOL. Man I need to read as much as you. Well, I have read more! I'm 600+ pages into another monster book.

Robin Caroll said...

Wow! I've been reading for crits, edits, and reviews!

Michele said...

LOL, Annalee!
You don't have time to read more??Gee, maybe thats because you're busy writing! And being published. I think those are awesome reasons , were that I would have those dilemmas too *grin*

Hi Robin!
Hey, you're getting sneak peeks at some awesome and fun future stories, I bet.
That counts. Happy reading!!

Brandy said...

Hi. I have the Sherrilyn Kenyon book on hold at my library. Wonder how long that will take *sigh*. You are making me curious as to other historicals. I only read Amanda Quick right now. I might have to rectify that. Have a good night. B.

Annalee Blysse said...

I've been doing pretty good with my resolution to read everyday and tackle the TBR pile that built up! Nonetheless I'm convinced I need to read faster. I know, sound like a broken record! (Did your folks you to say that?)

Savannah Jordan said...

Goodness, Girl! Where do you get the time to read all of those books?! Made me tired just reading the list. :P

And, you know me, the last one sounds great!

Trista Bane said...

I agree with you about Kenyon's book! I really missed Ash, but loved the book. Wren Tigarian can pounce my way anytime!

Michele said...

Hi Brandy, I hope it doesn't take too long to get the book.
As far as other historicals..I think I've posted about a few now.
Julia Quinn is fun. Celeste Bradley and her Liar's Club is really fun too. You might try those.

Annalee, you don't have to read faster. I think you do just fine! Think of all the research you did to write your books plus the fun reading, plus reading blogs, and all the notices on the NCP bulletin are FLOODED with reading. Did you ever think of that? Tires me out just thinking about it all!

Savvy Savannah! Howdy
Gee, now I wonder why the last one appealed to you, **wink**
I stay up late reading sometimes...easy to do when it's a real "page turner". I mean, who needs Sleep? LOL

Trista! So happy to see you!
Ooooh, another Kenyon fan? Cool.
I bet you also are waiting impatiently for Ash's HEA? right???