Thursday, January 12, 2006

Talking Jibber Jabber today

Have you ever wanted to get out of something and hope that a way is found to accomplish that? Have you ever gotten out of what you wanted to escape from and then you cry because you got it? Not cry Happy, mind you, but sad? Sounds like I'm being contrary. Yes, indeed. That's me. Contrary.
I got voted out and a friend of mine who was sure that she'd not get in and was sure that there were others on the board that hated her, well, she got in. I called and congratulated her last night. She was shocked and was willing to decline the nomination in favor of me. I told her 'Absolutely NOT!, you got in fair and square! Hell, I didn't even vote for myself, I voted for YOU!"
"Why the Hell didn't you vote for yourself?!" (She's believes in speaking her mind )
*shrug* -( ever notice shrugs don't translate well over the phone?)
"I was in a tie for third place. I voted for myself then, but it didn't help."
She huffs and said "Guess what, girl, you are NOT giving up the presidency then. You are going to be on the council come hell or high water if I have anything to say about it!"
"But I don't want to serve a fourth term!"
"Tough shit." ( like I said, no question about what she means.)

Do you know anyone who can strong-arm you and twist it behind your back over the PHONE??That's my friend.
*sigh* Seems like I'm looking at a fourth term. Presidents serve ex-oficcio (sp) on the council. Unless one of the other two nominees back out of the confirmation proceedings. Then, I'm the next runner up to be on the council.
Then, Bye-Bye presidency and hello council.
*Bangs head*..looks like tears were a LITTLE premature. Could be the situation will turn into the ol' cliche, From the frying pain, into the fire".
Only time will tell.

I have such loving friends..*grin* the link to see how I feel.
**Bangs head** Again. Well, not really, but what else could I say to get you to look???
I mean....being a girl I do have, forget that thought!!!


Shesawriter said...


That link is hilarious! That picture was from one of the Scream movies, wasn't it?


Michele said...

Tanya, the truth is, I'll never know. I do not watch horror films.
I can read all about vamps, werewolves, gargoyles and such but never bat an eyelash. Slasher/screamer and gore with females TSTL just aren't on my radar.
So, you could be right. Maybe another visitor will answer your question.
The only Scream I'll watch is, not at the movies.

Brandy said...

OMG! I almost sputtered diet dr.pepper on my laptop!

Michele said...

Now I'm REALLY glad I posted that link!
Thanks Brandy, *giggle*

Annalee Blysse said...

That's from a movie? Probably that is why it look familiar. LOL.

Michele said...

I'm glad I didn't see the movie then.
I enjoyed my reaction from seeing it the first time.
And I wish I had one...I get those "visiters" too.

Robin Caroll said...

LOL...thanks for sharing! :)