Thursday, January 12, 2006

Links that will make you mad or glad

OK, I hope not mad, really.
But, I haven't surfed for awhile and I missed some wonderful posts. I luurve Markoos...sshh don't tell 'im. He's my secret blog vice.

I realize that it can be easy to overwhelm with too many links.
So, just visit a couple of times and click at random. Can't hurt. Right?

First, I've yet to see this anywhere else in the blogosphere and it was WAY too big for my little blog. A link is just the right size. I think it's geared to Men being a mean, nasty evil Warlord and 100 things he'd do, but really, why Can't a Woman be an Evil Warlord???? I think we have the capacity to do serious
kick-butt nasty stuff. True we are supposed to be nuturers, but hey, gotta have a little fun, right? Find out the rules of being an EVIL WARLORD

To continue in this nasty vein... this may be too shocking and horrifying to cat lovers the world over! Don' t Look!!!!

Remember Conan the Barbarian and how wonderfully yummy Arnold was back then?
Time is a dangerous task master.... Conan just isn't the same hunky Barbarian like he used to be. If you still want to have your fantasies ... Don't LOOK!!!

Back to cats, if you LOVE your cats and feel that winter and decreased light affects not only you , their owner, but your furry friends too, that this product is THE ULTIMATE gift for your depressed kitty ....View the CURE!

For the ultimate Gross out...well, I'm sorry but Hairy Man Pits just don't do it for me... However, give the guy his due. He's Very Brave to have a pit like THIS

Ok, I guess that kind of was the topping on the cake you wouldn't want to eat after viewing the last link. So My question.... If he shaves..does that count as a Brazilian ??? Or does only waxing count????

The Blog awaits your answer ....


Gangadhar said...

great links,Michele!

Shesawriter said...

OMG! Michele, you always surprise me. LOL! But that cat in the blender thingie made my jaw drop!


Michele said...

Thanks, Gangadhar!
Some are better than others, I'm sure.
Appreciate your lookin' though!

Michele said...

"I always surprise you", I hope that's a good thing, Tanya, yes?
Ooooh, you looked! You're brave, LOL!
Kitty in the blender made your mouth drop but not the man pit???

schoud said...

haha. i hope that kitty is okay. hes quite adorable.

Avindair said...

Wow! The pic of the Govinator makes me feel so much better than I had about myself. We're talking about a whole heapin' bowlful of schadenfreude here, folks!

Thanks, Michele! :)

Brandy said...

OK, is the WarLord thing a a guy thing? (spending that much time thinking up that stuff?)
Eeeww! Arnold needs to keep his shirt ON!
That kitty/blender thing actually scared me. Poor baby!
Love the tattoo! Too funny! Will be showing DH!

Michele said...

Hi Schoud!
I agree, kitty is Such a cutie. I think he's OK. I have a blender and for fluffy to fit, the pointy things would have had to be removed. **whew!**

Avindair! I'm so glad I could help you feel better!
BTW-what in the world is that German word?
Learning new things is a "favorite thing" you know....

HidyHo, Brandy!
Whoa, you looked at all the links. Thanks! I agree with you on Arnold. *snicker*
Finally someone looks at the tatoo..**wheee!**
Notice there's no deordorant flakes there...wonder what that means????

Jill Monroe said...


Michele said...

Thanks, Jill! *grin*

Annalee Blysse said...

I swear I read "do you remember Conan O'Brien".

One would assume with a image like that in his pit that, that guy likes women himself. Yet, don't you think that tattoo is meant to attract men? Strange. Maybe he was drunk.

Michele said...

Ha!! Conan he hopes he never looks like THAT!! LOL

drunk..maybe, but he sure looks proud to show off his "art".
Hey, maybe he likes.."both"??
Maybe that would make a hook? It sure is strange enough and sometimes fact IS stranger than fiction.
He Qualifies, you think?

Annalee Blysse said...

That Conan is so at odds with Arnold's! LOL. I found a sexy tattoo guy this evening. Night owl me.

Robin Caroll said...

LOL....tooo funny, girl!

Gregg said...

michele- kitties in a blender and evil warlords always make my day :-)

Shesawriter said...

Yes, Michele, surprising me is a good thing. :-)


Michele said...

Annalee! You found a sexy tatoo guy for real? As in you went out and saw the real deal? Or just another cool site from cyber-cruising? If its a link, can't wait to see it....

Happy to cyber-hear you laugh, Robin!

**snicker** Gregg! Must be a guy thing then, eh??? You closet evil warlord , you! *wink*

Michele said...

I'm feeling the pressure,Tanya!
Now I have to find something to surprise you again....
That's my cue to Google *grin*
Have a great day!