Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm not bonkers, just going bananas...

The internet is a wonderful tool.
You've heard about it.
You've used it.
You're here, aren't you?

As you noticed from my previous post. I enjoy the silly in life. Truly tasteful silliness is hard to find. I enjoy humor on TV, in movies and books. I'm no different than anyone else who visits me here. Lately, I've been cruising the 'net. A few have asked, " Where do I get those pics?"
The internet.
Just plug in words and see where they take you. Isn't that like writing? Word Magic.

While researching Dr. Seuss, I ended up with that cute kitty picture dressed in a frog costume. What does Dr. Seuss and a cat in costume have in common? My guess is Cat in the Hat. Seems logical.
So, I put in "banana".

May I pass along a piece of advice when you do such a thing?
Put on your filters for content.
Your eyes, brain and stomach will thank you.

I am dedicated to weeding out the tasteless to bring you fruitful enjoyment.
Let my seared brain, affronted eyes and shocked stomach not be in vain.
Please enjoy:

I found banana Royalty.

Banana that was driven up a wall.

Banana Man - Super Hero. Can someone tell me what in the world is Kimchee or Duk so I can be suitably impressed????

A true Bananamobile!! It would make the World of Richard Scarry proud!

Bananas .... international sensations!

Bananas - tools for anger management. Who knew?

Banana...**ahem** sculpture.
Can't leave out the "arts"

And lastly, my personal banana favorite. If bananas had a "hunk of the month", this would qualify. I mean, who needs the face? The Banana is the STAR!!!!!

In all seriousness folks, I meant what I said about puttig filters on. You never know what is going to pop up.

At the risk of affronting all of my dedicated readers and making you toss your bananas, allow a small shocking sample of what can sneak in the back door of an innocent "banana" inquiry.......

What the heck is a "barking moon bat??"
That was the caption.

I need my Rolaids!!!


Brandy said...

WHAT IN THE HECK is that last thing!! Love the banana of the month. I've heard of Kimchee, but not Duk. And the "art"? OMG!! It's NEVER boring HERE!!Way to go, Michele!!!! :)

Michele said...

And I really have NO idea of what the last "thing" is.

But it's memorable!

Anonymous said...

Kimchee is a Korean dish. It is pickled cabbage. Usually red. Usually VERY hot.

King Banana looks like a bit of a diva, I'm afrain.

Why did the sculpture make me thing of Beverly Hills Cop?

Robin Caroll said...

I'm rolling! Can you guess which pix is MY fav? LOL

Trista Bane said...

Yum. I think I want to go eat a banana. LOL. This post is awesome. I loved it.

Michele said...

**giggle** I give up, Jason! Why does the sculpture make you think of BHC??
I haven't seen it in years, so I can't remember.
The Banana King , a diva? LOL....
I just thought he was having a
"hissy split"...heh

And thanks for the definition of Kimchee. Yep, if Banana man can eat that and not cook, he's a hero for sure!

Robin, oh Robin .. I can't really be sure of the choice. How many guesses do I have as to which is your favorite??? Please don't tell me it's the bat?!!!! *snort*

Trista!! Thanks for the compliment!!!
It makes you want to eat, hmmmm?
I wonder what my next post this week is going to do to you?
I expect to post "Men in Skirts" soon. Keep an eye out! *LOL!*

Shesawriter said...

What the heck is that thing at the bottom? A bat? A cat? What? LOL!


Kara Alison said...

A banana theme! I love it. THe banana art is absolutely....inspiring?

Jill Monroe said...

Excellent work here!

Michele said...

Beats the heck out of me, Tanya!
I looked up barking moon bat and it turns out to be some kind of early warning device. Bizzare, eh?

Kara, hello! And I'm so glad you liked my bananas. *cheshire grin*
Yes, indeed, that kind of art just stimulates...
our imagination, LOL!

Thank you, Jill!!
I appreciate your stopping by.

Judson Knight said...

Michele, Jason beat me to the punch on kim chee--a dish I learned to love in the army, even though my first reaction (like most people's) was to recoil in disgust.

But I can answer the thing about "Beverly Hills Cop". One of the few scenes from that movie that stays w/ me is the one where Eddie Murphy (Axel Foley, as I recall, was his name) needs a couple of bananas to stick up the BH cops' tailpipe. The very queeny hotel waiter, thinking Axel wants them for an entirely different purpose, gives them to him for free, and says in a tone both gentle and conpsiratorial: "You take them bananas."

Judson Knight said...

P.S. The Barking Moon Bat is the bomb! I've been looking for a new picture of myself to use on my blog, so maybe I'll take that one.... But seriously, I don't think any parent of small children can look at that little guy and not think fondly of the little darlings at home.

Michele said...

Somehow I can't see Dierdre looking fondly at that new icon if you DO decide to use it.
Although, you WOULD be unforgettable!!!

LOL about the Banana scene!..I vaguely remember that scene now that you've described it in detail. Looks like I need to see it again for sure!

I wonder if that dish is served around here..sounds like a challenging dish.
Thanks for stopping by, Judson!