Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A cat's meow -- the only warning between Me & Ow

Today, I am only going to post a few of these. There are so many, it would be easy to overwhelm.
Reviewing yesterdays post, I had these observations:
It was great viewing how grass can enhance a man's assets, not detract.
I had the most comments posted in quite awhile. ( I wonder why?)
There were surprises.
A few new visiters -- Very nice.
An I.D. for the CEO in the sexy pumps. (that floored me)
That the Macro/Mini kilt inspired positive feedback. (I'm still puzzled about that)

Today I decided to be catty. Again, along the vein of humor and insanity, I followed the word trail into mayhem.

I'm taking you along for the ride. Are you ready?

This says it all, LOL!
What did I plug in to find these? Fluffy Cats, Wet Cats and Cats in Toilets!!!! Aren't I great?

I have no idea how they got this action shot of the lively kitty, however, I'm glad they did. I Love It!

I've always wondered what they thought when they got wet and soapy.

Next is an "AWWWW" moment.

Can you believe the size of this moose? I've never seen one, close up or otherwise.

I believe one of my visiters has seen moose on more than one occasion. How lucky she is!
And how nerve wracking is must be!!!
Bullwinkle, he's NOT!

Didn't I mention insanity??

With that in mind....

Thanks for visiting and have a

Purrrfect day!


Anonymous said...

Never saw a moose, huh? How about this one.

My wife and I arrived in Vermont in late May (um, a FEW years back) for our honeymoon. We were packed for summer. It snowed.

We decided to take a walk while the fire department put out a flue fire in the inn. Seriously. We had just seen our room. No more. Nothing unpacked.

So, we're going for a walk, and we turn a corner, and standing in the path is a H U G E animal. I wasn't sure what it was at first, because for moose, I'm thinking Bullwinkle. A young bull has no horns, so it just didn't look quite right.

We looked at it. It looked at us. Once I figured it out, I calmly asked my wife, "so how aggressive are moose, anyway?" Luckily, it lumbered off and amused itself by stripping entire trees of their leaves. Cool experience!

Michele said...

GREAT story, Jason.

Gee, VT is only one hour away.....I wonder how wide a range, ranges a moose?

Brandy said...

Love the 1st picture!! I thought only Siamese could cross their eyes. The wet cat? I can attest they hate your guts when you bathe them. Too cute! Loved this post! (Gee, I wonder why?)

Kara Alison said...

I see what you're saying with the insanity! I'm much more of a dog person, yet I can't seem to get enough of that cat standing on his legs doing that crazy dance. He's so cute.

You know, maybe I'm just in denial with the "not a cat person" thing....nah.

Anonymous said...

LOL }:)

Robin Caroll said...

I SO love the cat pix! As a cat lover....I'm a sucker for them! LOL

Gangadhar said...

Michele,you always come up with great stories..ha ha..
i enjoyed da cat on stool cartoon,verymuch...

Kristen Painter said...

Loved the cat on one foot! Made me laugh out loud. Hah!

Faith said...

I'm a cat owner. Thanks for posting these, they're great!

Silma said...

Ohmygosh! *rofl* I almost spilled my Pepsi when I saw that first pic of the cat with the fly in its nose. It's hilarious!

Michele said...

Brandy ! The best thing about wet cats? Dry, they look big, menacing and impressive...wet? just too darn funny! Maybe they know this? LOL

Kara, yep, that's me,, You like dogs? Hmmm, never tried funny doggie pics...there's a future post thought... Glad one of them made you smile though! Thanks for sharing that.. :-)

Hi, Bonnie! Thanks for stopping by!

Howdy, Robin! you should see the ones I'm about to post later this week...more silly kitties!

Thanks, Gangadar :-)
I try. I try. So glad you visited today.

Having you laugh, Kristen, is a great thing. Happy to have you visit!

Hi Faith! Welcome! Cats are my favorites too . I may not be able to have them in my home due to allergies, but I will always enjoy them in my cyber home as much as I can. Thanks for visiting.!

**giggle** Silma! An "almost spilled Pepsi" is a great compliment. Thanks!! :-)

Shesawriter said...

They're all priceless! But I especially like the cat on the crapper. Too Funny!


Jill Monroe said...

These are great!

Michele said...

Thanks, Tanya!
Thank you, Jill!

Things have been serious lately, so a little levity helps, don't you think?

More coming a few days...I only have one more "cat joke" and it's a scream. Hope you come and see it.... :-)