Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Book Addiction Alert

I did mention ((before my posts got all furry)), that I had read quite a few books. I needed to do the "silly" stuff for awhile. But now, it's time to get serious!
**A future post will be dedicated to Sir Judson as he is the one who inspired it. So stay tuned. **

Now, without further ado:
Books I've read so far in 2006!!!
And since this is only since January 2006, AND since there are so many, posting covers may make this post short curcuit, so I'm only going to do pics sporadically, OK?

Walk In Moonlight = Rosemary Laurey Major Thumbs up!

What Dreams May Come =Sherrilyn Kenyon, Rebecca York, Robin D. Owens (Robins was the best of the three, IMHO)

Ready = Lucy Monroe

3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys = Lucy Monroe (FUN!)

Heat of the Moment = Jessica Hall


Keeper of the Bride = Tess Garritsen


Danger Calls = Caridad Scordato

(weird and intriguing and I want more from this author!)

The Billionaires Pregnant Mistress- Lucy Monroe (gosh, I love her style)

Code Name: Baby = Christina Skye

(not the best of the "Code Name" books. Not at all, but a great Library read)

The Midnight Work = Kassandra Sims


The Greeks Christmas Baby = Lucy Monroe (This got me in the sentimentality meter!!)

Courting Midnight= Emma Holly
(hubba, hubba , yum-yum!)

Blush= Susanne Forster
The Misconception = Darlene Gardener (**Grin**)

The Real Deal = Lucy Monroe (Cool)

Full Moon Rising = Keri Arthur

(Yowza! I want more!!!)

Blow Me Down = Katie MacAlister

( A fun romp. Great idea. I thought I figured out the bad guy and I DID!!! but I didn't... not really. You'll have to read it to find out)

Wicked Women 101 = Susanna Carr (I'm not too sure, it was OK)

HOWEVER - This next spread of books , are ones I've READ IN THE PAST WEEK!!!

Master of Darkness = Susan Sizemore

Was on an author chat with Susan. I've read all the books in this series so far..this one is just as good. Had some HUH? moments, but they didn't detract or stall the story, so that's OK. WHO IS THIS HUNKY NEW MODEL ANYWAY? HE'S WAY MORE HUNKY THAN THAT OTHER GUY...WHAT'S HIS NAME??? JOHN...WHO???

Shadow Touch = Marjorie M. Liu

Oh wow. Intense...I really want to know more about the mystery guy in the end. Now HIS character I could salivate over. You wouldn't think so when you read the book, but yep, I would.

Crazy Wild = Tara Janzen (haven't missed one in the series yet!)

Flesh and Stone = Vickie Taylor

The first one in this series was called
Carved in Stone. Loved it so much, I bought the sequel!

Goddess of the Rose - P. C. Cast

Now this is a terriffic Beauty and The Beast story that is much more romantic than I've seen in a LONG time!

I've saved the best for last. I've been waiting for this book. Have had sneak peeks about it from very unusual sources. Was the wait worth it? Oh, YEAH!!! Was the book price worth it....well, I did go into sticker shock..but I recovered enough to own it...I just need to have it gold-plated now. And Framed in glass, with security lasers, LOL!!

MICAH = Laurrell K. Hamiton

I've always liked Micah. NOW? Oh yea...I LIKE Micah!!

So, that's my list, and I'm stickin' to it.
Happy reading everyone!!!!


Trista Bane said...

*on hands and knees, bowing, in front of Michelle, and says repeated,* I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

How do you find the time?

I have just added several new books to my ever-growing TBR pile.

BTW-- I like your furry posts!

Brandy said...

Wow, you read quite a few books! Way to go!

Bailey Stewart said...

That's a lap full! I do love Emma Holly. What fun, and thanks for the recommendations.

Michele said...

LOL!! Trista, you're making me blush!
How do I find the time? Heh, who needs sleep? *wink*

I'm glad you enjoyed my furry posts. Thanks!

Thanks, Brandy!

Thanks for visiting Eve !!
Have you read a lot of Emma's books? I've got one in mind that, although I've read, I don't mention too loudly. Controversial, you know? *wink*
As for being a "lap full", couldn't see the ol' lap after awhile, *chuckle*

Shesawriter said...

You've got a bunch of winners there. And Emma Holly shouldn't be read without a glass of icewater. :-)


Bailey Stewart said...

Amen Tanya! Yes, I read a lot of Emma Holly's contemporaries. (blush)

Faith said...

I love Tess Gerritsen's books. I'm reading Bloodstream right now.

As for Laurel K. Hamilton. I've tried to read her novels and just find them silly. Not the plots or the fact that she writes fantasy and vampire novels, but it's the 'way' she writes.

I'd love to have the time to read as many books as you have. I'm in awe of the number!

Meenal Mehta said...

Wow , 24 books awesome girl ..

hey i put up the recipe of pineapple upside down on my blog ..

and I also gave a loooong reply to your comment which read like this :

" Hey Michelle ,

long time girl .

First of all , you went all out with your compliments.I quite simply dont know what to say.

Me and Martha Stewart ..lol ...Yes she's good.Yes,I want to be a billionaire like she is :-)but I have time on my side so I just might get there .Iam almost 4 decades younger than her)CHEEKY GRIN !

Wow , you both have been together 20 yrs ?Amazing!Belated happy bday to your husband and belated Val's day to you both .Iam not sure what I would do when we have been together 20 yrs .Hard to imagine .But time flies and before I know , we will be there .So I might be asking you for tips.

My cooking is more grown up.Kids, now they are another ball game.I think my focus might change when I become a mom .Because kids are picky and like well,non-adult food.

When you talk of your kids ..Iam reminded of my niece who is happy with Mac and cheese any day too.

The recipe you mentioned sounds yum and simple .Not basic at all.

Maybe you will taste my recipes soon and I would like to say thankyou so very much to you too for appreciating my work.:-)

Take care -Meenal "

Anonymous said...

That's a big list, already :) That's fantastic, Michele!

Michele said...

Tanya and Eve...Awesome! More Emma Holly fans! We could have a Polar Bear Party -Lots of Ice and Emma!

Thanks, Faith! LKH writes First person POV and that's not always easy ..she writes..I guess like a guy. Sometimes short sentances but basic. After 15 books, I'm kind of used to it. It's just ....her.
Oh! And thanks for another Tess book title to read. I really like her style.

Meenal, Wow! That's a HUGE comment. Thanks! I'll go get the recipe..sounds great!

Bonnie, Thank you. The list just keeps growing!!! Someday, I hope to add yours to it!

Judson Knight said...

Hey, Michele! Thanks for the shout-out--can't wait to see what wisdom (or folly!) I've inspired! Impressive list of books, and I hope that after April 4, you'll add Parallel Attraction by Deidre Knight!

C.J. said...

You are a Goddess among readers, Michele. :D