Friday, February 24, 2006

Final Feast of Fecetious Feline Folly

It has been pointed out to me that not everyone is a cat fan. However, some cats and their antics touch the "cute button" in all of us, which surprises those who are known for their indifference to kittydom. You may be indifferent to "cats" but not to CUTE... whose concept is universal.

Other people, who love and enjoy our feline companions not only turn to them in times of fun, but in times of need, for that rumbling purr, the head butt or the tail that wraps itself around your head only to leave strands of fur in your mouth...(**Achooo!**)
For those that take comfort, I dedicate this post to you.

I'll call this my :

CAT- 'O - TONIC post. Enjoy!

Some cats have to be dragged hissin' and spittin' to their baths.
For you visiters who aren't fond of the furballs,
I hope you don't feel the same way during your visit today.

After you bathe your pet, remember to put the setting on

Pure Stealth ....

The ultimate Ambush!!!!

Awwww, I'm too cute.....

Guess kitty found more than he bargained for ,

Tongue in cheek here, people.....
The caption,

The Cat who would be Wookie!!

The cat who needed therapy for PTSD.......

After posting this, I might need therapy too!
Have an awesome and cute day!


Shesawriter said...

I thought the kitty in the toilet was my favorie, but this last one wins the prize. ROFLMAO!


Trista Bane said...

ROTFLOL! If I could stop laughing long enough to type, I'd agree with Tanya!

Brandy said...

Love these! Of course that was a given, huh? I for one have alway s enjoyed ALL your posts. But these are close to my heart, and funny bone!!!!

Annalee Blysse said...

I have a cat story today! I was driving to dinner and two cats were running... one darted in front of me so I slowed. I didn't have to slam on my breaks. I wasn't going that fast. I scared myself, and the cat, and the second cat stopped and stared at me... it watched me as I drove past... it's little head followed me. Maybe 150 years down the road I go before it looked both ways before crossing. I swear it's true. Hardly any exaggeration either!

Anonymous said...

I almost expect the first cat to hiss, "we hates Bagginses! Hates them, my precious!"

Gangadhar said...

enjoyed da post,verymuch...

Michele said...

Ah! Tanya, I mentioned that I was going to save the "best for last". Glad to see you agree!, LOL

Howdy Trista! Thanks!! *grin*

I hoped you would, Brandy! But these are the last of them. *sigh*..your turn! *wink*

Annaleee, That's amazing! I always suspected cats were smart and clever!

You are SO silly, Jason. I'd more likely think the "wookie" cat to be more in line with Golum. Both are creepy!

Gangadhar, so happy to hear you found more smiles on my post. Thanks!

Bailey Stewart said...

Not everyone is a cat person? Don't tell my babies that! These are truely hysterical, thanks for sharing.

C.J. said...

LOL! These are a riot, Michele. Thanks for the heads up.