Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Commercial

Oh My Gosh! Did you see it?!!!!!

MacGyver! MacGyver doing a commercial for Master Card !!!

Tube Sock, Nasal Inhaler, Paper Clip,... I forgot the rest of the list. Then the countdown, 000001, then Boom! He crashes a truck thru a fence in the nick of time...priceless...

I'm rollin here! Absolutely Loving seeing Dean Anderson do his MacGyver Schtick for Master Card. What a Great Flash Back..Woohoo!!!

Did you see the FedEx one? The Neanderthals? LOL. Truly, that one was inspired. And at the end, it SO reminded me of SNL's Godzilla VS. Bambi Skit...STOMP!!!!!
**giggle profusely**

Or the one for GoDaddy?? **snicker** Loved the ol' dude needing his oxygen mask while the 1812 Overture played in all it's vibrant thunder as another vibrant bodacious beauty has her straps snap. Oh, my sides!!!

Have to say, This years commercials had some great ones.

What did you think of the Rolling Stones 15 minute , 3 song show?
How many 60 year old guys do YOU know that can move like that?

And did you see?!!! A new Pirates of the Carribean is coming out ... but not until JULY!!!!
ARGHH!!!! Talk about a major teaser.... and Orlando is back.. with a great one liner...
Did you see the wierd painted eyes on Jack's face?
Oh this is the most excited I've been in awhile from visual TV stimulation. Oh the adrenaline rush!!!

I don't watch it, but I have to say, the commercial for LOST was Awesome! I had just taken a quiz yesterday about what percentage I was "Addicted to Love" and I wrote how I loved that Robert Palmer tune and Tonight! Tonight, there was the commerical..
Addicted to LOST!!! What a wonderful, inspired adaptation.
Did YOU see it? What did you think??

As far as the super bowl, #43 in the yellow colors (gee can you tell I'm not football savvy??) ??Pittsburgh?? with that beautiful hair! Even when I paid top dollar, I couldn't get my hair to look like that.
And Pittsburgh Steelers won. Did you see the coach talk? Did you notice that he has very distinctive canine teeth? For those of you who read paranormal romances .... he makes a likely candidate , doesn't he? **wink**

What a happy evening!! Woohoo!!!!!!

Hope you had fun too!!!!


Brandy said...

I missed the commercials. Usually we swtch back and forth, because we're not sports people. I thank goodness every day I married a computer geek. Glad YOU enjoyed it , though.

Shesawriter said...

I will definitely be checking out the new Pirates movie. Love that Johnny


Robin Caroll said...

I LOVED the fedex one...I, too, was squealing over the mcguyver one! Talk about walking down memory lane! LOL Oops, showing my age again! And then I HAD to watch Grey's Anatomy afterwards. SIGH....I SO love that show and they left me HANGING until next week. Ah, to be able to write that kind of ending for my chapters! LOL

Avindair said...

As a Stargate: SG-1 fan, I got a laugh out of seeing RDA as the big "M" again. Very funny.

My personal favorite commercial last night was the first Ameriquest commercial with the fly, the doctors, the paddles, and the little girl with the balloon.

Of course, none of these commercials can ever touch Trunk Monkey, and its sequels. They crack me up.

Oh, yeah, and the Crash Different "Apple" advertisement. As a video editor who has to face the Mac Jihad on a daily basis, that one holds a special place in my heart.

Judson Knight said...
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Judson Knight said...

Hey, Michele. Here's how uncool I am--I didn't even watch the game or the half-time show or any of the commercials. Not one second, even though I had planned to. I guess I have a little bit of an excuse in that our daughter got sick yesterday and I was pretty focused on her--but real football fans would say that even a sick child is no excuse for missing the Superbowl! (Which is one example of why I'm not a real football fan!)

Hey, you're missing out if you don't watch Lost. That show is the bomb! It's one of only two that Deidre and I regularly follow, the other being Battlestar Galactica on the sci-fi channel--right after the aforementioned SG-1 on Friday nights. It's a toss-up which one's better, Lost or BSG, because they're both incredible--and they manage to really push the boundaries of network TV. The last show I cared about this much was Six Feet Under, which ended its run on HBO last year, and before that it was the all-too-brief Roswell (1999-2002), whose Ron Moore is now the main creative force behind BSG.

Michele said...

That's OK, Brandy. Hopefully, now that the commercials have aired, we'll get to see them a few more times. Nothing wrong with not being a sports person . Think I am?? *snort*

you and me both, Tanya. oh yea!

LOL, Robin, you were squealing, I was laughing my butt off!! Saying Its HIM! It's HIm!!
How did Grey's anatomy end? I never watch the show. But it looked interesting.

I missed those, I guess, Avindair. Hard to watch them all when the kids wanted Their shows. Had to flip back and forth. Never had heard of the Trunk Monkey, but the link you included was hysterical!! Thanks! My 5 yr old thought it was funny too.

Judson, you are not "uncool", you think I watched the whole game? Nope. Just the commercials and the half/time show. I was on the computer doing my "thang".
Hey, your kid comes first. No questions asked. Poo to the dorks who put football as first priority over their sick child. (I'm being nice here)
You're a good Dad, Judson.
**sigh**, Yes, I've been hearing lots about LOST. Just can't get excited about it. Since I don't have cable, I don't have the chance to be thrilled by that either. BUT, there's always DVD.
Great invention, that.

Savannah Jordan said...

I cannot wait until the new Pirates movie!! Even though I heard scuttle butt about the ednign that I will not divulge to anyone else. ;)

Michele said...

A ! , you're killin' me here. I thought the teaser on TV was bad enough, but you KNOW something about the film and you won't share???!!
What'll it take, hmmmm?
Come on...tell me, tell me!

Annalee Blysse said...

I can't wait for the new Pirates either. Love Depp. Watch it even if that wasn't my favorite ride at Disneyland. :)

Savannah Jordan said...

Maybe a chat through yahoo messenger, Michele. I won't put it out in a public forum. :P

Robin Caroll said...

Hey Michele, Grey's ended in a cliffhanger! UGH! I wish I could end all my chapters as well. You can bet I will not miss it next Sunday night!

And yeah, I squealed. Esp since my oldest brother has been called a dark haired McGuyver for as long as I can remember. LOL So, it's like seeing my brother up there! With uh, blonde hair! LOL

Ok, woman, I'm having a lousy day...can you post me some jokes?

Michele said...


Jill Monroe said...

I seemed to have missed all the best ones!!!

Kelli McBride said...

You know how I feel about Richard Dean Anderson (I SOOOOO miss Jack O'Neill). I thought the Macgyver commercial was the BEST!!

I also loved the magic appearing refrigerator beer commercial.

Kelli McBride said...

Justin - BSG is one of the best shows on TV. As much as I love the original series, it's like old Trek and ST: The Next Gen. One was campy and fun, but the other is intense, pertinent for the time, gut-wrenching. I am so impressed with the writing and acting.

It's now my must-see sci-fi show, ever since Jack O'Neill left SG-1.

Mel Francis said...


My mother didn't get what I was so excited about. I didn't care. I was giggling and acting all goofy.

Of course, the fact that I was watching the super bowl with my mother could've been the reason for me acting all goofy.