Monday, February 20, 2006

An unlikely journey into Wonder

Truly the title is very clear.
This is a journey most of us will unlikely take.
Once you view the following, you will wonder.
Wonder why I would even pursue this train of thought.
Wonder why most of these pictures work.
Wonder why it doesn't work for a civilized CEO. Indeed, anyone within the continental US.
We've gone away from our ancestral roots.
We've lost the connection to nature.
We are no longer primal.

And now, in the 21st Century, we strive to find the primal male inherent in our mates.
That part which qualifies as the Alpha. A man, no matter the clothing, who remains a man. I will present visual proof of my statement.
Clothes do not make the man if he were not man to begin with.

May I present: MEN IN SKIRTS

The Above are examples of men, although wearing Skirts, are in truth , men. I have no doubts. In fact, some are quite easy on the eye. I see the potential Alpha within them. I am drawn to the ancient allure.

Now, enter the 21st Century man.

What the hell happened????


Brandy said...

I don't know. I'm kinda partail to men in kilts. Does the next to last count as a kilt? As for the primal man, *sigh* I like the idea of one. Not sure about actually having one, though. You continue to astound and amaze w/ your prowess on the internet search engines!!

Annalee Blysse said...

I mini kilt. :) That other guy has nicer legs than me! LOL.

Shesawriter said...

Who the heck is that in the pumps? ROFLMAO


Brandy said...

Looking back at the guy in the mini-kilt....his legs look shaved. EEEEWWWWWWW! Now, if it was Mel Gibson in a kilt......

Gangadhar said...

awesome pics,Michele!some of them are quite funny..
tnx for sharing wid us.

Michele said...

Ha! Brandy, had to come back twice, hmmmmm? LOL
It's called a macro skirt. Looking like a kilt is a coincidence, I believe. Brandy, EVERYMAN has something primal within them. As women, we just need to tease it out of them. Grrrowl!!

**giggle**, Annalee, yep, it's one of the reasons I chose that particular man/skirt. He has darn shapely legs, set off by those
oh-so-sexy pumps.

Tayna, I have NO idea who that guy is. He's not in MY family tree.

On an aside, ladies. No one noticed the macro kilt guys chest ... specifically the nipple ring or piercings around one of them. I mean, tatoos are common now, but the ring thing....OUCH!

And Gangadhar, I'm glad to hear you got a chuckle out of your visit today. Always good ...

Kelli McBride said...

I have this picture in my head of the Blackadder movie, where he travels back in time. In the Roman era, all of the men have these ridiculously short togas on, and they keep getting shorter. Stephen Fry, as the Roman general or something, has a toga so short you can see almost all of his underwear. It's hilarious! I'll try to find a picture and post it on my blog.

Michele said...

Oh, Kelli! I would LOVE to see that!
I have such fond memories of Blackadder, LOL!!!

I'll be checking your blog in anticipation!!

Judson Knight said...

Some truly horrifying images there, Michele! But did you see the lead singer for the band playing Marsha's prom in the first "Brady Bunch" movie? He managed to wear his kilts well, and to fit the look into the context of grunge rock.

Michele said...

Um, no Judson, can't say that I have. The Brady Bunch Movie...and you've watch it.....Hmmmmm.
You have suprising depths to you, Judson! LOL.

Betty S said...

Loved these.
You're good.

Michele said...

Betty! Thank you! And I'm thrilled to see you here.
Drop by anytime.

dave said...

Michele...on an unrelated but very serious note...there is a picture you need to see. It is of, yes, you guessed it: a spork.

Feast your eyes and become aware of the awe-inspiring tool of man--

dave said...

Ok so less awe-inspiring is the fact that I screwed up the link and you have to copy and paste it into your browser's address bar.

Michele said...

Dave, that is hysterical. I never knew it had a name and I use one of the blasted things everytime I go to KFC!!

I'm Awed!!!!

spicehut said...

Ha ha ... hilarious post. I think I see what you mean.

Michele said...

Hey there, spicehut!
Thanks for dropping by.
I'm so glad you got a chuckle or two from your visit.:-)
Thanks for telling me!
Stop by anytime.

Gangadhar said...

hey Michele,
i was here again!!

Michele said...

LOL! Gangadhar!!
Isn't that a first???
YOu honor me!
*grin* Thanks!!

Savannah Jordan said...

OMG, Michele. what an eclectic taste you have in phtograhpic representaions... *wink*

Mel Francis said...

OMG Michele! You have a picture of Skirtman! The dude in pumps is a professor in Little Rock named Dale (?) I think. I've met him before. He teaches at my alma mater UALR.

Anyway, that's a nice little blast from the past. He's the nicest guy.

Michele said...

Thanks, A ! ,
Yeah, I like these kinds of things. If they can't come to me, then I'll go get them!!LOL

Mel, NO WAY!! Are you Serious??
This is Amazing! You know this guy? Hey, that's great, because Tanya asked and I had no answer.
Truthfully, I didn't think it was possible. Simply astounding the feats that can be done through the internet. So glad you stopped by to see this post.
Thanks, Mel!

Mel Francis said...

He's a systems analyst and instructor. I was a manager at Bath and Body Works and I waited on him a couple of times. He has great legs and is absolutely a nice guy.

Robin Caroll said...

Ok, I'm having another REALLY BAD the dude in a business suit, REALLY made me smile! Thanks

Jill Monroe said...

mini kilt shot - awesome.

Man in suit skirt - awesomer!

Michele said...

Mel,Thanks for the link. So FAIR!! He looks awesome in that black dress!!!

Robin, ANOTHER bad day?
Gads, you are going to run through my funnies and sillies dry ... looks like I'm going to have to go asearchin' for me! Oh the pain.... *wink*

Hi Jill. Too funny. I'm thinking the guys in skirts are yummy..well, some at least and yet the "modern" man has more of a draw. We really have changed our definitions of sexy men, haven't we? Hmmmmm.....

eMMa said...

The 2 pictures of the guy with the black face paint on are of a Maori guy from New Zealand. The 'skirt' hes wearing is called a Piupiu.

And the guy with the read headdress with 'horn' looking things on it looks like a pacific island dancer. Probably Cook Islands, Samoan or maybe Tongan.

BTW lol @ that dude in the business suit. His legs look better than mine! :|