Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I had to post this even though you probably need a magnifying glass to see it. As many times as we've been to Acadia, never have we seen wildlife. There is a DEER in this picture! My little guy spotted it - actually there were two, but you can only see one in the pic. Its the tan thing in line with the third rock from the sun...whoops, wrong title... third rock from the left....*wink*  Posted by Picasa


Brandy said...

When we lived in Base housing in California the deer used to come into your yard. Did I mention the peacocks? The LOUD screaming peacocks?

Bailey Stewart said...

I see it, I see it - Bambi!

raine said...

Michele, I've got LOTS of deer. Be glad to give a couple of them your address. *gg*

I've always heard Acadia was beautiful. Nice to see it's true.

Michele said...

Brandy! Wild Peacocks? Cool!
In the 11 years we've lived here, I can count on two fingers how many times we've seen deer. Both times, it has been a Mommy Deer and her spotted Fawn. I bet that's got a mystical meaning hidden somewhere.

Bailey! You see it? Awesome! I'm glad I posted this. Sure beats the fake giraffe, *grin*

Raine, HI!!!
Um, I think you can keep the deer. Around here, Deer and Lyme desease kind of go together like PB & J.
I like to see them from a distance but I've heard they are destructive to gardens and landscaping. But they sure are graceful, beautiful and fleet of foot. Impressive to watch. You are lucky to have so many when viewed from that perspective. If Santa needs replacement deer, I know where to send him. *wink*

M.E Ellis said...

I see it!



Deidre Knight said...

Beautiful pics!!! I wish I could go... :)

Mailyn said...

wow!!! beautiful pics!!!!