Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Random babble around the Barnyard

Took the little ones to see Barnyard today.
Cute film.
Great musical track.
Scary coyotes.
If you have youngin's , you might reconsider taking them if they are overly sensitive.

Think Bambi's Mom - think the New Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the scene with the squirrels, but replace them with hungry unfriendly coyotes, and you have an idea why.

Other than that, the animation was incredible. The thunderheads in the background down in the valley were exceptional visuals.
Did I mention the tunes? My kids were dancing in the aisle! LOL
Me? I do restrained chair dancing.

Feel like blog hopping? This one had me snorting my coffee, or is that choking? Either way, it's not for the innocent of mind. The title of her post is called the Root Cellar and the vegetables are well, you will have to read it and decide for yourself. ROOT CELLAR.

This next one is a post by Daisy that's a few days old, but it will never lose it's appeal or poignancy - I salute her courage and talent for bringing this serious subject to light and being willing to share it with us in the Blogosphere.
Please explore the reality : UTD's - I dare you.

A few of you have expressed curiosity of the story I am writing. I had mentioned it to a fellow blogger last year, long before Walace and Gromitt and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit ever saw the light of day. I was joking that a were-rabbit would make an efficient spy.
Think about it:
Being able to burrow under gates, razor wire, laser alarms.
Just by their virtue of being naturally "cute", they can disarm the foulest mood - unless they happen upon a frustrated farmer. Then watch out!
They run. No confrontation, but running away to seek, spy and report another day.
Who would employ such creatures and why? I mean , I know why, but WHY?

How did it start?

A dream. A sequence of a scene. I've read that some authors are blessed in that they dream a whole plot, characters and resolution and then sit down to create a masterpiece. (any completed story is a masterpiece in my opinion)
I don't have that luck.
I get a tiny piece and have to work up to and then away from that small piece. So where it'll go and how it gets resolved is a surprise.
Danged frustrating.

I was doing another story earlier in the year. I forgot one basic principal. Have fun.
I lost the thread.
By deciding that I needed LOTS of research in a science field that normally cures my insomnia.
It's high brow stuff for a lay person like me. I tried to understand it, truly I did. I felt if I could just narrow down the element to one theory or fact that could color my narrative with authenticity, I'd be fine.
What happened?
I got confused, frustrated, not to mention sleepy.
And I lost the thread.
It was buried in doubt, insecurity and feelings of self-derision that I was writing gibberish that a six year old would be more effective at.

After three months - poof! gone.
About two months ago, I had another dream scene. I just adored how it sounded. BUT, I have to have a reason to GET there. I have to have people introduced to explain why that scene even occurred.
So, there I am, here I am - 4600 words with a title: Dance in the Fog.
It won't stay that way, but I like to have it there. Makes it more real.

Oh, the story that got away? Was called : The Skinners.
Not very nice and dastardly evil entities.

Who knows, I may visit it again sometime.

I just hope that I didn't bore you today and that you'll still come back and visit me sometime.


Brandy said...

Your Skinners story gave me the willies, so I for one, am glad that you are working on your were-rabbit.

Michele said...

I didn't even get to the nasty stuff Brandy! That was just the prologue, LOL

It was going to be a romanance, but I think it would have gotten lost in the chase of the creepy entity and it's victims...
Maybe that's why I stopped. I could clearly see the mayhem and nothing of the romance.

Mailyn said...

now I wanna read!!! are you going to post these stories?

re Outlander. one word. crap! lol ok that's just me. lol.

and OMG that test picture was effing hilarious!!!

Michele said...

Mailyn! You didn't like it either? And you're pretty savvy about books too...hmmm. Gee, I feel better now. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Glad you like the "frog" *gg*

As for the stories...I'm nervous about posting them on public venues....what happens if someone snatches up the idea? Sure, I've stopped writing it now, but what says I can't go back later?

I suppose I could do the prologue of The Skinner's up so people can weigh in on whether it had potential in the first place. Up to now, only 3 people have seen it and only one has seen the bulk of what I had written so far.

If a few more people ask ... I just may do it .....

I just hope no one falls asleep reading it....LOL

Brandy said...

I vote you post it!

Mailyn said...

me too! go ahead! hey, I share my art with others and I don't care if they don't like it! some people are bound to love it so you have nothing to worry about :)