Thursday, August 24, 2006

A link for which you may need an ice cube - TRAY

Someone was having fun drooling over the French Rugby Team. Whoa! May take awhile to load....but its worth a hot flash or two.

Mailyn tagged me. However, it's not one I can just whip off in a trice. Some serious thought must be given to this task she's handed me. Keep your eyes posted sometime next week for the 13 worst books I've read Meme .... I have to FIND 13 , if you can believe it.

Anyone see the TV promo for SMITH - (Ray Loleta (sp) ), the new show coming out in the fall? Is the music from Audioslave or the Foo fighters? I'm betting on Audioslave.

Anyone read Hurricane Hannah by Sue Civil-Brown?

Savannah Jordon's first book, Sacrilegious is out. I have yet to purchase it, but before August is over, I guarantee I will own it. How can I not? Well, there is one glitch. As far as I can see, payment is by PayPal only. A minor stumbling block, to be sure. The book is awesome and unique. I know this because I've been given the honor of a few sneak peeks. Or should I say TEASE?? LOLOLOL

Check out Savannah's new book: You can't help but get Wowed.

Last post, I had a really cute puppy dog. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this puppy is even cuter.....


Brandy said...

Ummmmmm (pause for major throat clearing), ummmmmmm. There are not enough ice cubes in a tray for that, *g*.

Rayke said...

Those dudes are pretty "hawt". And I'm not even gay.

My ignorance is about to shine-

What does "meme" mean? Like, I know it's a chain-letter or "tag letter" that gets passed around, but what does "meme" mean?

The suspense is killing me.

Michele said...

LOL, Brandy!
I got the link from one of the commenters on Katie Mac's DGM post yesterday. My computer only downloaded the first 3, but that was enough. A site like that can NOT remain hidden, LOL

Rayke! Hey there!
**grin** glad you appreciated the site too.

As far as 'meme'? You got it right as to what it means. Also, you aren't the only one who question the true meaning. When I was first introduced to the word, I thought they were talking about a French Grandmother. (Memere)
How wierd is that?

If it's an acronym for something, I'm in the dark as to what. It certainly isn't in the dictionary.

Anyone have an answer for Rayke???

Mailyn said...

The puppy is adorable! But that guy has a creepy face. LMAO. :-P

M.E Ellis said...

Agree with mailyn - that's one creepy man!


Michele said...

Aw, come on, Mailyn and M.E.! He's not THAT bad, is he?? LOL

Maybe that's why he needed the puppy? *grin*

What say you about the link, hmmmmm?

Annalee Blysse said...

Darn again! I got to the French Rugby Team photos too late. Photobucket removed some of the pictures of violating their policy!

Michele said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I have been sending that link to others who I know like that stuff. How embarassing!
Dang that Photobucket, they've struck again. They did it to me,now this lady...argh!!!!

Kristen Painter said...

Oh my. I didn't even know the French played rugby.