Monday, August 14, 2006

Warning - Vision Test Alert -

Hi Fellow Bloggers!

As you may not know, I have some very serious eye problems and I routinely undergo various tests to determine how things are regressing.

I just had my annual test and my doctor gave me a new test that he uses to measure the amount of retina pigmentation loss one experiences after the age of 50.

This is a relatively new test. He gave me a copy of it to put on my computer so I can test myself every few weeks. I asked for
permission to forward it to others and he graciously said I could seeing it was new and so valuable.

So I am sending it to family and friends over the age of 50 with a few special you who visit my blog.

I hope this public service announcement has helped you immeasurably!


Brandy said...


Judson Knight said...

Thanks for the, uh, public service there, Michele. I think the real public service here was to cut down on the birth rate by grossing everybody out so much they won't want to have sex for, like, the rest of their lives.

Farm Girl said...

That just isn't right and kind of coincides with my post from yesterday. Ewwwww. She has nothing to smile about.

Zinnia said...

yes, I immediately saw the frog. Now I'm traumatized!

M.E Ellis said...


*runs to her new exercise machine. Must. Keep. Using. It.*


Michele said...

LOL, Judson. - Yea, that about sums it up nicely. *grin*

Hi Brandy! Loss for words, eh?

You're right, Les, about your post and this . At least in your post, they were partially covered, yes?

Zinnia! Say it isn't so! I traumatized you? Oh dear. *snicker/giggle*

ROTFL, M.E.! The excercise machine is going to be very happy yes?

M.E Ellis said...