Monday, August 28, 2006

What is my voice?

I was asked this recently.

Remember my Dog's Life I posted awhile ago? Months , actually. It was my first complete 'story'.

I never gave such things serious thought.

Looks like I need to.

For you who have visited me on a semi-regular basis over the past six months, what would you say my voice is?

My guess? Light. Airy. Fluffy. Humorous. Essentially, I'm a blasted Goody-Two-Shoes!! In permanent puberty.

If there's a bitch bone in my body, I've yet to find it.

Don't get me wrong, I can be bitchy. That's not the same as saying I AM a bitch.

How can I write convincing bad guys and gals? How can I depict an evil genius that gives you nightmares if the worst I come up with is a dog in clothing crisis?

I give a good running start on things, but similar to my swimming in a L-shaped pool, I veer away from the finish line to end up turned around in the leg of the "L".
(I really did that too)

Almost half my life is over, and I'm trying to discover myself. Is there a time limit on this journey? Besides the obvious...

Off topic:

How the heck do you cook Okra? I was told to: Cut off ends, slice in 1/2 inch coins, dip in in egg, drench in flour and fry in oil.

Ack! I added a little salt , even though I know I should not but it did help.

Any advice?


I want to write THIS kind of scary! A serious freakazoid type that has you screaming into the night - or at least diving into your closet.


Brandy said...

I may be from the South, but I have no iea how to fry okra. However, if you use a bit of bread crumb with your flour it helps.

Brandy said...

Um, meant with frying.

Mailyn said...

that's not scary. that's kinky in a freaky sort of way. lmao.

Bailey Stewart said...

You just have to reach deep inside for that dark part of all of us. Just think of everything you hate and what you hate about them.

Looks more like a reject from the KISS generation. Not scary - more weird. Or Willie Wonka gone bad.

I love fried okra, but have no idea how to cook it.

Beth said...

Why be scary? The world doesn't need more fear, it needs more laughter.

Willie Wonka gone bad is a good take on that pic! :-)

If you figure out the okra let me know, I love it but only get it done right in restaurant buffets.

Nancy said...

The best way to eat okra is not to fry it, but to put it in a wok with a little water and oil--just get it cooked through and served with hot sauce like tobasco--it doesn't get gooey, and it is good for you. When I was living on Saipan, okra was one of the few fresh veggies you could get--that and long beans--this was the only way I could get any of my family members to eat it.

It must be the time of year that we all start reflecting on our lives and who we are, what our voice is. I just wrote something about reflections yesterday in my blog. As summer ends, and we know that winter is approaching, I guess our minds go to this. That's why I love what Santa Fe, NM does in September. They have Zozobra, where they burn a huge paper machiet (Sp) puppet, and the people use this as a way to get rid of all their negative emotions before the long winter (where we get stuck inside together-and if we didn't start fresh, we might kill each other). In Atlanta, they should do that in the spring before the long hot summer-where we all get stuck inside our houses together-due to heat, humidity, and west nile.

M.E Ellis said...

Your blog voice is fun and zany, bit like me.

So therefore you CAN write scary stuff. If I can do it, so can you. Mind you, delving deep into a depressive mood helps...