Thursday, August 10, 2006

A tour of inspiration

I want to write. I've been trying to write about a subject that's been on my mind.
Sometimes you need an extra shot of inspiration.
Sometimes a place gives you a feel for the setting you intend to use.
If you are lucky, it takes you to a place you never thought to go.

Such is the case of my story. I'm only up to
4, 000 words, but I'm happy.
Want to see my inspiration?

It was a beautiful day when I took these pictures in July.
What do you think?
Would they inspire you?
If you don't think so, try clicking on a picture to see it in its bigger glory.
This one just makes you feel cooler by looking at it. Truly - it was a special day when I found this magical place. I could have been so far removed from civilization yet, I wasn't it. True magic, to transport you to another world......


Bailey Stewart said...

Pictures can often do that - they carry a story all of their own. And the actual place looks like it was quite magical. What's that thing in the middle of the woods? Is it built into a hill?

Judson Knight said...

Beautiful pictures, Michele! Hey, thanks to you and other great readers, I've finally posted again--with nude photos of myself, no less! Somehow, though, I don't think these will qualify for your beefcake blog ;-)

Devon Ellington said...

Those pictures are absolutely inspiring! Of course they'd make one want to write.

I can't wait until the piece matures enough so you feel you can talk about it -- I'm sure the piece inspired by this beauty is equally moving.

Brandy said...

How beautiful, I can see how you were/are inspired. And yes, they invoke a sense of calmness and peacefullness.

M.E Ellis said...

Cripes, for me they invoke dead bodies stashes in the forests.

I I think...


Stacy~ said...

I don't have the visiion M.E. does - thank God LOL - otherwise I'd probably never go anywhere. It's rather gorgeous and inspiring. Hope it works Michele.

Michele said...

Hi Bailey, yes, they can carry a story, or direct you to one and even have you experience one. Great isn't it? Oh, that stone structure? Old tomb I think, or a hiding place back when New Salem was governed by the witch hating Salem of Mass. Isn't it neat?

Judson! Hidyho Judson! Thanks for the pictorial compliment. Oh yeah, I saw your blog. You are too funny! And weren't you SUCH a cutie?!

Devon - you mean you'd really be interested in hearing about what I'm writing? Thanks!
Although, the pictures inspired something other than what you'd expect. I like things that do that.

Brandy, sometimes you need a place of peace yes? Even if it ends up being a locked bathroom, LOL

M.E. - ooooh, you are close! Very good guess. If YOU need help, so do I....*VBG*

Stacy, Hello! and Thanks, it did and is helping. Looking at the pictures is keeping the idea alive and present. Even so, I find it changes as I go further into the developing process. No wonder no one ever says this is easy! It isn't. Sometimes the mind is a whirling Dervish,(Dirvish?)

Thanks for dropping by everyone!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, very beautiful! What is that stone structure with the door into the hillside? That alone has score of stories waiting inside.

Michele said...

Hi Jason!!
I'm not sure what it is. I am sure that is has something to so with burial. It was OUTSIDE the cemetary proper. It was overgrown and I had to be careful not to step in poison ivy to get close enough to take the picture. So, you are right, it was and is inspiring many thoughts, some unpleasant, some mythical and paranormal - which is my favorite theme. Your guess can be as exciting as mine. But I bet you'd find wonderful words to use to describe what imaginative spark it stikes in you. You have a natural talent for that Jason. :-)