Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One of the supports that would swivel a cannon on to aim at the enemy. The fort wa built to house over 300 cannon, but the fort actually only saw 74 delivered. Now there are about 6. Two on display, four in storage - someday to be refurbished, at a lovely bargain of a 1/2 a million each. Ouch! Posted by Picasa


Brandy said...

Okay, that's cool! My SIL asn BIL have a Cannon. They shoot it off at historical events.

Michele said...

No way! Really? A Real cannon?
Bet they're home hosted parties are a real bang up time!

Let me guess, they're reinacters, right?
Didn't you tell us about them early in your blogging career?

M.E Ellis said...

I love castles and stuff like that. I feel 'at home' when I see pics like this.


Brandy said...

Yup, they both do the whole Civil War re-enactment thing. They had an army jeep too, but just sold it. They are real popular when it's the 4th of July, they get asked to do alot of local celebrations.

Bailey Stewart said...

I didn't know they had army jeeps in the Civil War? LOL