Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Author MIA ????

OK, I'm starting today with voicing my personal mystery.
I am writing to seek help to "solve a mystery" and a Solved Mystery
definitely is a favorite thing ... But not just for me, I think. By putting it here,
maybe through serendipity , someone will visit who may actually know the
answer to this.

I tried writing and asking directly to a particular author, picked at random, and was told that the one I'm asking about was unknown, hence, my blog. A tool with untapped
potential. (I hope)
Who is this author?
Why do I want to find her? To ask a question.
What is the question? Where can I find the 6th and final book of the Baird house
Everlastin' series????
Why do I want to know?? The suspense is Killing me!!! I want to know how the
Fae queen and and her bespelled (unknown to her) estranged Fae King husband
get their happy ending!!!

Reader, Have you ever read the series? If not, and you are a paranormal romance
fan .. This fits the bill. It has ghosts that fall in love (Scottish ones even and they
don't even have the decency to do it the way you'd expect), murder, past life
regression, fairies, pychics, gargoyles, treasure, magical dirks and
some of the most fun and loving relationships. (6 couples in all)
OK, maybe I'm going overboard here. I've jumped through hoops to
read her 5 books so far. The first is called Everlastin' .. anyway, some
books I can't get in print, so I used my local library system.
They even found one for me at a library in Kentucky, and I'm in New England.
Time Everlastin' (5th one) ended up being a trade paperback by PageFree Publishing, Inc.
No editor or actual person to contact, it seems to be a self publishing company.
On the internet I found an address which I
mailed an inquiry to 4 months ago ...Still waiting for a reply. At the end of
Time Everlastin' (which I bought from Barnes and Noble as a trade paperback
.. they only had 7 in stock in the total of their warehouses) there was an
email address. Great you say? So did I, but the address didn't work. Also
the author puts in this tasty tidbit "Look for Dreams Everlastin', the 6th
and final book in the Everlastin' series, due out in 2004", well, its May 2005.
I've talked with librarians, book store owners and Googled , but no luck.
I sincerely, hope that nothing unfortunate has happened to Ms. Madden.
Maybe its only that she's taken a breather from her muse? A little info
would grant me patience and understanding. I really don't mind waiting,
that is part of the process. Anticipation building is good, that is why there
are trailers for movies months in advance. I guess that is what I'm looking
for, a trailer that says "Don't give up hope! Its coming, All the
answers you've been waiting for!, The final happy ending that sears your
romantic senses !"....Something along those lines.
Have you ever had a dilemma like this? If so, how did YOU solve it? Networking?
I suppose this blog could be shorter, but it's been bottled up for
months and it's a relief to be able to put it in a place where it can be seen,
(again, I hope)
THANK YOU for taking the time to read through this. And whatever
personal mystery YOU have in your life, I sincerely hope it gets solved
in a much quicker and satisfying fashion.
Of course, I realize that if this is the worst/best mystery that I have in my
life thus far, I should consider myself VERY lucky .... the fates are very fickle...
Have an awesome day!!!!!

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