Monday, May 23, 2005

Geesh, Monday Again??

Where did the Weekend go? Hope you , the reader, had a great one!
What a joy and surprise when I checked my little 'ol blog and saw I
had one comment! With baited breath, I waited for it to load , who
could it be??? And there was a comment from SHANNON!!
Thank you so much for YOUR kind words! I have to say that I'm
glad I followed you over from Katie's blog too ... your site is also full of
great info . Your Elvis-inspired road trip and other topics you mentioned
as stories you've written about sure peaked the curiosity meter! 2007 can't
come fast enough! *grin*
Today's brain burp : E-books - I went on a quest (as much as you can with a
5yr old tagging along *grin* ) to see if I could locate an E-reader . Two of the
main sources in my local area for electronic hardware not only did NOT sell them
in-store, but their online catalogs didn't sell them either. I was told that my (hmm
maybe I shouldn't say store names?) local electronic store carried one brand a
LONG time ago but was a nonseller. They don't intend to give it a second try.
Yes, yes, yes, I know all about Adobe Reader. Unfortunately, I have an ol' Win 98
that gets more ancient for every month that goes by. At some point, at some
time, I Blinked! Lo'! Adobe 7.0 is now the norm and my little Win 98 can't
support it or run it. I'm also a part time Jafra consultant and this change now means
that I can't access my business tools online. How frustrating is that!??
How did I get onto this binge of a quest you may ask? Ellora's Cave for starters;
Jaid Black and other writers of the paranormal with Habanero Spice. I would love to download their books. The sneak peek of chapter excerpts has wet my appitite, but I
remain unable to satiate my hunger *growl* Worst case senario -buy the trade paperbacks.
I really believe that E-books are poised to take off. Am I before my time? Am I imagining
this trend? No. Don't think so. If anyone remembers the first photocopy machine
stories, initially, they were flops too and wicked expensive. Someone along the way
revisited the idea of photocopying, not sure just what was tweaked, but the applications
for business use must have been represented by a better PR person because look at it now!!
My opinion is that E-Books and E-readers are having the same cycle repeated.
And the upswing is now. I want to be onboard - from a readers perspective anyway.
Any ideas where I can get one and ...this is the crux ..reasonably priced?
Patience .... it's only the start of the week .... Barnes & Noble here I come .....


Gena Showalter said...

I know nothing about e-readers, but I do love EC! Good luck with your search. And post what you get. I might want an e-reader for myself. :)

Michele said...

Sure thing! It might take awhile though. Anything worth doing or getting isn't always easy, is it?
Thanks for stopping by!!!!