Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday 5/16 and a new week

Great start to the new week. I received a comment on my Very First Blog!! I was so thrilled, I squealed in glee and did a "tippy tappy dance" while my 5 yr. Old looked on. He had no idea why Mom was so happy, but he's happy that I'm happy. Of course, it may have had something to do with who the comment was from. *grin* OK, so a LOT of it. My favorite thing today is visiting a friend. Had a great time this AM. Our 2 kids got along great! She even showed me 2 quilts that she completed. They were intricate and beautiful. She is really amazing! Oh, and I got try almond butter and a chilpote pepper hummus(?), anyway, both were really good, so now I have to hit Trader Joes' and buy some. That's another favorite thing for me, trying something new and great tasting. Thanks LM!! OK, and since my first note was about favorite authors, I have a few more to add ...P.C. Cast, Marjorie M. Liu, Robin D. Owens and Mickee Madden. Speaking of Ms. Madden, her final Baird House book, Dreams Everlastin' is MIA . I can't find it anywhere. Seems even the internet hasn't any info. I'm stumped. It is the 6th and final book in the series and unless I can find it, I will never know how Blue and Reith reconcile. *sigh* That's all for a Monday. Thanks for stopping by!

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