Sunday, May 22, 2005

Blogging Nirvana

Wow, it's Sunday. Kids are watching Pokemon and I'm here. I was visiting
Nina B's blog, and a commenter, Nicole, said that she wished there were sites or
message boards for paranormal romance discussion. The Blogosphere is great for all the authors. There are some high powered writers there and as I've perused it, I've had all kinds
of thoughts. I think that they are fascinating ladies; talented, humorous, creative and supportive of each other. Excellent qualities. When I've clicked on the "comment" section to maybe voice a question or make a comment, I've felt intimidated. I look first at all the other
responders and I feel my comments have no place. Are my insecurities showing???
They are ALL authors as far as I can tell, and I most certainly am not. There is a sisterhood,
a familiarity within their special niche that comes through. It is beautiful to see and
after doing a Google Search for Groups in Paranormal romance, the Blogosphere is
greatly needed. There was so much negativity on the sites I checked out. The term "chick lit" was an insult. On the Blogosphere, some authors referred to their own works that way and that is fine! But do they realize that the term does not have positive connotations everywhere? Heck, I'm sure they do. The work of Christine Feehan, whom I adore, was totally trashed
and dismissed like it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on! And Dara Joy, who I also enjoy,
was included in that dissing. So, what does that make ME!! I read their stories, buy their
books and think highly of their talents. All I know is , I like what I like. I think of paranormal romance as a flower with the sub-genres at its petals . A flower has Many petals to create that beauty, and so it goes, with paranormal romances; for every petal, there is Variety, versatility and vitality. Anyone who snubs this flower from the creative muses must surely buy only hothouse plants. It is like gardening in a monoculture,-stagnation. Ask anyone who gardens . They know that spontaneous or volunteer plants show mother nature at her most creative....And enduring. I love surprises! Don't you?


Shannon McKelden said...

Michele!! I love your sentiments here! Very well put.

And, you know, we writers of Chick Lit, DO know that people bash it...just as people bash romances, or horror, or sci fi, or...anything. It seems that some people find it necessary to put down writing they don't CHOOSE to read, maybe because it makes them feel that what they DO choose to read is more important? Who knows.

I figure, if I like to read/write it, there is someone out there who wants to read it, and that's all that counts!

Thanks for the comments on my blog about my first sale, and thanks for following me over from Katie's blog. I appreciate it, and I think you might have things to say that I want to read, too, so, I'm adding YOUR blog to my favorites.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I think I'll add you to my links too if that's okay. We share the same taste in templates }:) And yes I don't understand why some people feel the need to bash what they don't read. There's no reason to trash someone else's tastes :)

Michele said...

Thanks Shannon! And I agree. People find change difficult. They try not to deviate from the known and the familiar. I guess it could be said that it can pertain to reading selections as well. Some people ONLY read biographies or "Real Life" ..I know a few of those. That's OK too because sometimes fact IS stranger than fiction.
And Bonnie, Thanks for visiting too! I checked out your blog and answered your "favorites" questionaire. I enjoy things like that. Sometimes the questions produce answers so fascinating and bizarre, they make your day.or not. *grin*