Saturday, May 21, 2005

Favorite wishes

OK, things I would wish for ....hmmm, I'd say it would have to be what was
expressed at one of my favorite authors blogs I visited today. (Nina Bangs) I would wish
for a site that caters to fellow fans and authors who write and read paranormal
romances. I enjoy paranormal, which I think can include, time travel, Sci-Fi romance, djinni, Vamps, Werewolves, the fae, ancient gods and goddesses and I hope if anyone EVER finds their way to this blog, they'd add any I was missing . *grin* I believe they are coming into their own but as yet, there are not too many places to share a common enthusiasm. I know that of my family and friends, I'm the only one who reads books by these authors, so I don't have anyone to share my likes, dislikes, excitement or disgust (as when something happens to a character that you felt should have gone differently)

So, today, if I had a wish, these are the authors that I would love to have a discussion group address:
The first one I ever read was The Selkie so this author goes at the top of the list because,
for me, she started it all. And the list goes in order by whom I read, not alpha
Melanie Jacksion
Kathleen Nance
Claire Cross
Angela Knight -whoopee!
Saranne Dawson
Stobie Piel
Clark Hays & Kathleen McFall -only wrote 1 so far, but it was memorable
Christine Feehan - biggie in my book *grin*
Donna Kaufman - I have fun with her stories
Jayne Ann Krentz- when she writes as Jayne Castle -I enjoy the alien ghosts
Anne Avery
Angie Ray
Glenna McReynolds -haven't heard from her in awhile. I'm waiting
Flora Speeer
Dara Joy - Love those familiars!!!! Traed HAS to have his chance someday
Amanda Ashley
Jan Zimlich
C.J. Card
Nancy Cane
Lynsay Sands -Love her humor
Susan Krinard
Karen Fox - lots of fun reading hers
Jennifer Malin - "As You Wish" was a great backwards/forwards time travel
Sherrilyn Kenyon - I run out of words to describe the fun, Love ASH! & Simi Too
Catherine Spangler
C.J. Barry Love the "UN" books!!!! Can't wait for the new one in June 2005!!!
Laurell K. Hamilton Both the Anita and Merry series are addicting!!!!
Eugenia Riley - Waltz in Time was nice
Susan Squires -Most are good, but Body Electric just didn't do it for me
Susan Grant - She created a fascinating world
Emma Holly - Wowza
Sandra Hill - What a riot - LOVE the time traveling Vikings!!!!
Jenny Lykins - Nice time travels with a few surprise twists
Elizabeth Hallam - only read 2 Spirit Catcher and Alura's wish -enjoyed both
Maggie Shayne - a little dark with the vamps but her anthologies are terriff!!
Kristine Grayson - what fun reading!!!! Too bad I can only find 5, are there more???
Donna Boyd - Werewolves - if you are a human, its depressing, no one ever lives!!
Katie MacAlister - Love her blog/journal/ DGMS and her books are awesome!!! *sigh*
Linda Lael Miller -
Karen Harbaugh
Rebecca york aka Ruth glick
MaryJanice Davidson -Oh my Gosh, what a hoot reading these, what a great imagination
Charlaine Harris - Another great imagination with suspense, humor and romance -wowee
Julie Kenner- Great talent! the world of "Aphrodite" was great- more books please!
Kimberly Randell- only read one called In the Midnight Hour - great Ghost story
Karen Marie Moning Oh if you like highlanders and magic -Read these 6 books!!!!
Nina Bangs - Love her world, Ganymede and Sparkle! Great Blog, nice person-great humor
Lisa Cach -she has a few I would highly recommend,
Gena Showalter - I've only read 2, but I know that is not enough, what a great talent
Victoria Chancellor - Across the Rainbow was a beautiful time travel
Chloe Hall - only found one to read - Ariel's Dance - that was so fun!
Constance O'Day Flannery - great Shifting Romance!!
Kay Hooper - The Wizard of Seattle was cool
Susan Sizemore - Great, Can't wait for her next book!!!!!
Jo Beverly The Lord of Elphindale - that was different
Ann Lawrence
Colleen Shannon
Mickee Madden! I'm stilling waiting for the 6th and final Baird house series book!
Judi McCoy - I have fun reading her stories - time goes too quickly
Johanna Lindsey - Heart of a Warrior was so cool!!
Ingrid Weaver - A Wish and a Dream great pixie story
Donna Fletcher - Magical Moments was cute
Garthia Anderson - Spellbound in Seattle - Awesome!
Jo Ann Ferguson - A Phantom Affair had not the ending I expected, which is good
Nora Roberts
Helen A. Rosburg - Ellie and the Elvin King -Now this has to be the most different book ever created! It was illustrated !!
Jill Gregory
Ruth Ryan Langan
Marianne Willman
Adrienne Burns -so cute - love Mini and Rueban I wonder if they'll be back???
Lynn Bailey
Robin D. Owens - oh my gosh - I adore this series - I feel for Holm! Cant wait for next book!
Jaid Black - well, I've only read her mainstream books but I know about the others -Wowza
Gloria Harchar - I enjoy reading about the pixies Largo and Allegro
Judie Aitken - only read A Love Beyond Time but it was memorable
Kristin Hannah
Helen A. Rosburg
Candace Camp
Vickie Taylor - her contribution to the anthology "Bite!"
Julie Elizabeth Leto - Surrender from the anthology Essence of Midnight good story
Rowena Cherry - only read the one Forced Mate but it was a good one!!
Connie Flynn
Jeanne Savery
C.J. Adams and Cathy Clamp - new on the scene but awesome, can't wait for more!!!!
Patricia Simpson The Dark Lord was different
Marjorie M. Liu - new on the scene- I LOVED the story and look forward to more, more,more
Hannah Howell - read Nightriders from "The Eternal Highlander"- I Loved it!!! great romance
Cheryl Sterling - new author- great future - can't wait to visit the fae world she created again!
Karen Whiddon
P. C. Cast - The theme is magical creatures/people - unique and imaginative -great read

Whew is that enough or what??? If there was a message board that dealt with all these authors and their many books they've written, not to mention the ones we are looking forward to, that's enough conversation material to last for the next 6 months! at least.
So, that is my wish list ... Now if only there WAS a discussion group out there that knows most of these authors, like Tigger says ...."fun,fun, fun,fun TTFN!!!!!


Gena Showalter said...

You are a doll! Thank you so much for including me in your list!!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of great authors on that list :)

Kathleen said...

Thanks for including Clark and I on your list. Check out our website at for lots of fun and scary stuff, and find us on facebook. We have more books planned, a trilogy in fact, so stay tuned...