Friday, May 20, 2005


Yes, the end of the week.
My favorite things this week were ongoing. Visiting 4 of my favorite authors
blog sites and reading about their excitement when they've finished writing a book,
sold a book or celebrating when their book has just hit the bookshelves. It helps me see them as real people rather than just a name on a book cover. I realized yesterday, that I
was too verbose at one point. Looking back, I am a tad embarrassed. I have so much
fun writing with the hope that they will respond. I am the only person who reads the books of the authors that I do, so I am not able to share the excitement or talk about what I liked or didn't like with anyone. Being able to converse with either the author or others that respond to the journal or blog site is my only outlet. May seems to be a busy month for most authors I've
been visiting. I think summer 2005 is going to be a readers paradise. I can't wait!!!

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