Friday, May 27, 2005

Why Question why?

I am just curious..... I Just finished Wicked Nights, Loved it. Got me
to thinking....bad thing to do when I should be getting ready for the
sand man instead of being on the computer.

Remember the Reeses peanut butter cup commercial regarding how a vampire
would eat it? How could he liquify peanut butter to slurp it out? Doesn't PB stay
tacky and thick? If a Vamp ate peanut butter, could he even bite? And if he Could
eat PB, would he prefer crunchy or smooth?

Remember the commercial when the owl ate a tootsie roll pop in 3 licks?
Shouldn't a vampire be able to beat that? Logically you could say "Why should he want
to?", but then that would take all the fun out of the question....
Maybe being a vamp, he could suck the tootsie right out of the pop???

If a vampire took one of those cute little pink tablets that schools give out to kids
to show all the plaque and tartar that gets missed with brushing, what would
happen? I mean, you never read about them having to brush their teeth ....
Maybe it wouldn't look all that different from right after they "ate", just a little
more foamy???

Remember in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, that part when the little elf that
wants to be a dentist pulls all the teeth out of the abominable snowman? What
would happen if a nefarious evil dentist was an enemy of vampires? And being
an evil dental genius, captured a vamp and pulled out his fangs ..... would they grow back?
If the dental evil guy uses novacaine on said vamp, (if it works) how would it sound when said vamp tries to talk with numbed lips? Without fangs, would he then be stuck gumming his "food"? Would he have to resort to "'Meals on Wheels"? Could you fit a vampire with dentures? *grin*

OK, see what happens to the brain when I'm up past my bedtime ...???? Better quit while I'm still in your good graces *grin* Good night!


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Gena Showalter said...

Thanks for the laughs!!! Love it.

Silma said...

The whole evil dentist as enemy of the vampires got me ROFL!!!