Friday, May 27, 2005

Random thoughts

It's right before the holiday. Plans are being made to
enjoy it. I'll be joining the "road rats" that scramble
towards a destination guaranteed to tire us out so
much that we'll need a vacation to recover from the
vacation. That's one of the marks of a sucessful outing.

I've been reading Wicked Nights by Nina Bangs. I LOVE her sense
of humor. The character of Eric MacNair is Yummmy!
Eric the Evil makes a great pirate...*grin*..what a fun read!
Love the inclusion of Chocolate as a sensual prop, a vamp
with a sweet tooth was a great twist. I have only 4 chapters left , so
I'm still waiting to see if the chocolate covered cherries ever
get used *waggle eyebrows* Favorite parts so far are:
Air Force One ...that was pure giggle magic ... Sweetie Pie
and Jessica, appreciate the plants and their unique plant food *grin*
the confrontations between Sparkle and Asima- fun but too
short ...Kinda would like to have a story about how THAT
feud came about ....."from virgin bride to "flaming tart" hahaha!

I can't wait until we find out about Brynn (how's that pronounced??) and
Speaking of "How's that Pronounced" here's my RANDOM THOUGHT;,
when names are Gaelic or Fae (is that the same?) or Interplanetary,
Why can't authors put in a phonetic glossary of how the reader should
pronounce the names? In this case, is Brynn pronounced as "Brian, Brinn (as in win)
or Brine (as in wine)?? Sometimes I find myself changing the pronunciation in my
head many times throughout a book. I went through 2 books in a series saying in
my head "Queen Andace (as in race) for Queen Andais until one book actually
had a glossary and I found out it should have been An -day-us.
Am I the only one who has ever asked this? Is there an answer out there
in the Blogosphere???
And thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Don't know why some have glossaries and some don't. I guess we've all mispronounced a character's name a time or two :)

Michele said...

I wonder,What is the weirdest name or pronounciation of a name you've ever come to share?