Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Quick Tuesday

OK, Today is a quick blog jot. I was up until 11:00PM trying to finish Goddess of
Spring by P. C. Cast. I did NOT want to put it down until I finished it. (that's
a bad habit of mine, drives my hubby nuts). I really liked her version of Hades
and in fact ALL of the Underworld. I don't believe anyone has ever delved
into what it would look like and what should it look like to make it into an underground or in this case, underworld paradise. It almost had me seeing the Hanging Gardens of Babylon ( gee, I hope I got that right) . They were supposed to be lush and incredible. Its like
has not been seen again. But Hades sure knows how to plan a garden. Since I
like gardening so much, I can relate. I guess the only thing I was unclear on is the
ending. She leads a full mortal life, dies, and goes to join Hades. She is named Queen of the Underworld. I thought a goddess had to have that role. A observation was made by Lina that her new spirit body was different than the norm she was used to seeing in other new spirits. Is that because she was "touched by a goddess" and that little "touch" allowed her to become and be accepted as Queen of the Underworld? Or was the love of Hades responsible? No Matter, I loved the story!
Anyway, that constitutes my Favorite Thing for today.
Happy Day!


Michele said...

P.S. If Cerebus is the result, what or who were its parents? Does anyone remember their mythology? I liked his cameo in Harry Potter.

Gena Showalter said...

I did the same thing when I first got Goddess of Spring. Stayed up late reading. I adored the underworld. How sexy is Hades? I love a dark, brooding man.

Michele said...

Hades is "too sexy for his Toga!" I hear backround music to that line..."grin*
By the way, I really liked your picture that you used in trying out your picture posting. I wrote a comment there.
Thanks for visiting!