Tuesday, August 16, 2005

2 Books in 2 Days

Back to my usual motif.


I Love reading! Do You? If so, might I recommend today:

HELLO GORGEOUS! BY MARYJANICE DAVIDSON *****spoiler, maybe **********

If you like MJD, this won't let you down. In fact, I laughed in so many parts. The only drawback?
Well, firstly, I realize this story focuses on Caitlyn James and that's fine. However, the character of the Wolf - he just sounded so yummy that I wish more was known about him. Like how he got his reputation for being a badass. What did he do? How did he get to be as good as The Boss? I'd like to hear his story of "adjustment and discovery" and I'd like to know more about Dr. Balta. I guess I DO like my male heroes to be a little on the "Dark Side" after all. The romance was fun and funny. Some comments from "Jimmy" were so "there". It floored me what she did on her first assignment. I don't think I expected THAT! What a creative way to solve a dilemma...*giggle*..wouldn't see ME doing that...guess that's true romanctic fantasy :-)
I enjoyed Caitlyn's saucy back talk to The Boss and in fact caused me to titter quite a bit...liked her style. You might t00.

Next is an anthology. I like those. That's how I discover new authors to read. There is usually one known to me and the rest tag along. I've found more wonderful reading experiences this way. This last one is ONCE UPON A TIME... WITH CARLA NEGGERS, MARGARET ST. GEORGE AND LEANDRA LOGAN.

The first story, Night Watch by Carla Neggers is about Joe and Rowena. He's a burnt out cop and she's a homebody financial whiz computer geek. She has someone who wants revenge against her but she doesn't think so. Joe knows so and is determined to protect her....but after awhile, who is he REALLY protecting her from? Classic Romance but fun to watch it happen. It's fun when one character thinks they've figured out the other, then WHOOPS!, they get a curveball thrown at them...and the relationships grows....nice.

The second story, A Wish...and a Kiss by Margaret St. George. Oh I LOVE Genie Stories....I enjoyed this story. The players are Chelsey and Alex. HOWEVER, there was a part or two where it seemed to drag or seemed forced to try to make the suspense/ mystery part work within the romance. Some of the vehicles used by the genie were different from other genie stories I've read....so that's good. But I felt the story didn't move forward smoothly. Remember, though...this is only MY opinion....someone else may think this worked perfectly all the way through....and that's great. The bottom line is that we enjoyed most of the romantic jouney. Let's face it....even the best planned vacation trips have detours, bumps and dips in them. Sometimes that's just more scenery to soak up and for others, its a pain in the tuckas.

The third story , The Missing Heir by Leandra Logan. This story deals with Rick-the old flame that never went out and Caron-who still burned as well. Neither knows it. Someone has the secret to solving a mystery. When you think you know how it is going to play out...it changes. First I thought I knew the answer...then a new person was introduced and I thought....'oh"....then all of a sudden..Something else got introduced and I was thinking along a different path. I think it was one page before the revealing where I found myself back to my original theory and BAM! I Was Right! Cool...but like the writer tried to do, I was thrown off of the scent of the true ending, until she was ready. So, I guess it was well written and I know I enjoyed the story. I hope if you read it, you will think so too. I CERTAINLY hope you don't figure it out BEFORE me!!!! *grin*

As with most Harlequin books, the "words of romance" are toned down and sometimes you might hit upon one of those over used phrases of ecstasy...but hey....it's the whole picture that needs to deliver...not the tidbits..right?

Enjoy, and if you have any commentary about them, I'd enjoy hearing it!

Happy Reading!!!


Brandy said...

I love MaryJanice davidson. Have you read Janet Evanovich? Not just her Stehanie Plum series, but all the others as well? A great mystery series thats funny is written by Maddy Hunter. For a darker side of fiction Kay Hooper will keep you up late. All of Nora Roberts are good. Jayne Ann krentz and her many alias' are also good. Although, her Stephanie James Hero's are hard to take. Kristin Grayson's light romantic/paranormal are fun to read. I could go on. Sorry to bore you.

Shesawriter said...


What happened to your blog? It's been down for two days.


Brandy said...

Just wanted to Thank You for commenting on my blog. I found your blog by looking at some on Outoftheblogosphere. Your comments seemed to coincide with some of my views, so I checked your profile and lo and behold a new blog to visit. I have been lurking for quite a while.SORRY. Noticed you like Charlaine Harris, are you going to try her new series, the first book in it will be out in Oct./Nov.? JAK has a new book due out Jan of 2006. Paperback of Falling Awake will be out Oct. Yet again too long of comment. SO SORRY.

Michele said...

Brandy, you're a nut. :-)
Don't be sorry about in-depth replies. I guess you've never seen the "books" I've written on other blogs *grin*.
I think its fun and I'm NEVER sorry, unless I have way too many typos that I didn't catch before hitting the ol' blue button. Then I have to write MORE to explain myself...