Friday, August 12, 2005

Play Head-Twister to see this right.

Guess it can be a little tricky to see.....can you bear to turn your head for this??? Just one last picture of the winner. It was so hard to get most of the vehicle in the picture while still achieving detail. Can you see the little box? That's an antique box of Corvette Crackers! and if you look closely, there is an adorable little Hot Wheels corvette replica on the...what is that..the manifold??? Anyway , it's a cool car and I'm glad it won. OK, that's the scoop for now. Enjoy all the previous pics too!! Posted by Picasa


Cindy said...

My dh had a silver 'vette. A 1976 was a beauty! Indeed. Wasn't sure whether I fell in love with the car or him first.

Nonetheless, just wanted to drop by and say 'howdy'. I've finally got everyone's blogs added to my own Whispers.

And how about the 1972 Challenger??? Awesome vehicle, for sure!

Cindy Nord

Michele said...

That's Cool. You sound like you know your cars!
When I first met him, my dh had a 81' Firebird , fire engine red too!

Thanks for dropping by! You added 'my' blog? Wow!
It's nice to think that I've said things that interested you. Thanks for the compliment.