Friday, August 05, 2005

Another good read

It's the Summer, and what would a "summer read" be without a book with a title like this one.

Beach Blanket Bad Boys!!!

Lucy Monroe is one of the ladies from Out of the Blogosphere.
Her contribution to this romantic anthology is:
Seducing Tabby.

Although all the stories had merit... I'd be remiss not to mention that the spiciest and funniest "moment" (When she fessed up as to who her friend Bob was..*chuckle*) was Linda Lael Miller's
Batteries Not Required.

Seducing Tabby was one I could relate to. Not that the hero in my life was as exotic as Calder Maxwell. The story is of a lady who felt like life was passing her by, until the love of her life zeroes in, sweeps her off her feet and focuses all his passion and love on her. That is always a beautiful story, but Lucy tells it in such a way, that I could see myself in her character, Tabby. As I used to be. Before the love of MY life enriched me in ways I never dreamed. I love romance stories. I love them even more when they seem like real people. People like you, me and maybe our own friends. It gives us hope. And it gives testimony that our hope is justified. Love CAN happen. It's an exquisite moment; when you are not searching for it... it surprises you, grabs and wraps you up in its wonder and joy.
That's what "I" got out of Lucy's story.
How can you not read it??? *sigh*

On the Other Front. Life is not a bed of roses, is it? Think I was too rosey?
Maybe...that is why I'm in the middle of reading a different book.
Way off the beaten path of romance. Totally not my usual venue.
What is it?

A history of a most interesting person. One that I hadn't thought would be
interesting. He's an unsung actor. He's famous for only one body of work.
But he was a man of so much more than we ever dreamed.

Bela Lugosi

He was an amazing man. I've got so much more to read...this is not a small volume of work. The author wrote with a passion and dedication to as much accuracy as he could, and it shows.
This is not boring reading by any means. If you are looking for something totally different.
Try reading about Mr. Lugosi. You will be amazed at his life - he was More than just Dracula.

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Annalee Blysse said...

The Immortal Count sounds really interesting. I was thinking of old vampire movies tonight... not really that one though. But I'm sure it scared me too.