Thursday, August 04, 2005

ARGH!!!! My Blog is a Mess!!

OK, I give up....this is Edit try #6. I'm too tired to do it again. I keep getting kicked off, the phone rings everytime I am almost done ,and I lose Everything.
I do not like Picassa, I do not like this picture updater thingy-ma-bobber and I'll go back to posting pic's the old fashioned way. I had a cute story about George but now,

OK, I'll try again. I think this post is cursed! Try #7!!! I was in the middle and I erased the picture THEN, I tried to upload it the old fashioned way and it kept getting stuck.
All I wanted to tell you was a story about George here!! Cute little George. Tiny George of the velcro legs who came into my house and visited. All the cutesy, silly things I had in my head are gone. ARGH!!! Is writing always this much work for authors???? Why aren't they walking around with halos??? This is tough work. Yet they perservere!!!!
Oh how I am impressed with authors because they survive bigger hurdles than a computer that won't cooperate.

Hi George!

Gameboy drives me "buggy" Posted by Picasa

Tomorrow, I hope to have a MUCH more normal, sane and organized post. *sigh*


Shesawriter said...


Take a deep breath and have some tea. I know how frustrating it is when your ISP is going bonkers, especially when you're trying to fix something.

BIG hug,


Jill Monroe said...

Michele - I've had problems, too. Sometimes for an entire day I just simply can't log on. Then the next day - voila!


Glad you managed to get it posted!

Michele said...

Thanks for the Hug Tanya!
Thanks for the cheery message Jill.
I was really uplifted to see your messages today. Helped alot.
Tomorrow will be much better!!!