Monday, August 08, 2005

Cool! I've been Tagged! First Time Too.

Oh Goody! My first Tag. I've been Tagged!!!

Thanks AngieW!

Here are the questions:

Total number of films I own:
Whoa...that's a tough one. I believe I'm not supposed to count kids videos, so that's good.
Hmmmm, I'd say a rough estimate would be 250 - 300 Videos/DVD's -just a drop in the bucket

Last film I watched:
If it means actually Going to the Movies.. Then that would be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with yummy Johnny Depp. If it means last movie from my little collection.. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly....
Five favorite films I either watch frequently or that mean a lot to me:
Dune (first one)
Lord of the Rings-all of them (now does that count as 1 or 3?)
Field of Dreams
Princess Bride
The Mummy -( can I slip in the 2nd too??)
Do you have ANY idea hard hard it was to stay with FIVE??? I had no idea....
Worst film you've ever had to endure:
OK, this is going to tick someone off somewhere.. This is Spinal Tap!! I absolutely HATED the film. I almost made it to the end..but I ended up walking out. I "endured" all I could but it was so..... AARGH!! made Attack of the Killer Tomatoes look like a work of art.
Favorite movie quote:
Again, Only one??!!!
"Have fun storming the castle!!!!"
Favorite movie adapted from a book:
One book I'd like to see made into a movie:
Mind Game by Christine Feehan

Gee, that was fun.....and relatively painless. Now, it' s "tag" time for somone else. Hmmm, who can I choose?
Shesawriter a/k/a Tanya and Annalee.
These two ladies always have such wonderful ideas and opinions.....
AngieW knew a way to "link" the names with the site, that's how I knew I was tagged. When I saw the name that looked like mine, I clicked it out of curiosity and was sent back to my site.
That was So Cool! However, me still being a newbie blogger, I haven't a clue how to do the same. Sooo, I'll have to hope my "tagees" visit this week sometime. If not....I'll visit.
Just in case, to make it's the list in short form to copy and paste:
( I know how to do that, at least.)

Total number of films I own:
Last film I watched:
Five favorite films I either watch frequently or that mean a lot to me:
Worst film you've ever had to endure:
Favorite movie quote:
Favorite movie adapted from a book:
One book I'd like to see made into a movie

Ah! Speaking of BOOKS...thought you'd get away without seeing my latest read??? *giggle*
I present:

I've read Susan's Blaze books and an anthology she did about a naughty little bottle that was cursed by a gypsy. They were good.
This one, The quite the story. I loved the strong female character (Tessa), the equally strong male hero (Kahn) and the fact that they overcome so many blasted obstacles in their journey to falling in love.
I enjoyed the aliens....the good, the bad and the squishy.
Using my term, "Relationship action" , I can say I was quite satisfied in its use. I even liked the ending. I don't believe
I've ever read a solution to a problem solved in such a way.
Tessa sure has gumption.

The best part.....the fun is not over. Her next book THE DARE,
should be out now. I'm on the hunt. It picks up where Tessa and Kahn left off and someone's story is just itching to be read. What fun!!!!! When you read it...drop me a post and let me know if YOU liked it too!!

And Last but not least, Have you seen this one yet????

At least Somebody didn't have bunny ears!!!


Shesawriter said...

I loved The Mummy too, Michele. I like the second one also. Favorite scene was when the mummy guy realized his evil girlfriend wasn't going to save him. My heart tripped when he got all teary-eyed. I felt sorry for him and wished I could jump in the movie to save him. LOL!


Michele said...

*sniff*, yeah, I empathize. I felt that same way...
If true love could/should save a person, it should be Imhotep.
What a crushing thing to realize it wasn't true all along.
*sad sigh*

Angela James said...

Another email heading your way to help you out with how to do a link in your post :)

And I read The Challenge. It was only so-so for me. I didn't love it. But I have heard The Dare is much better. The Challenge, to me, was lacking in character depth and was kind of boring. But as I keep saying at my blog, I can recognize that other people are going to like things I don't!

Anonymous said...

I like the Scorpion King the best, The others are good, but I`m not a fan of ....I cant even remember his name B...oh yeah! Branden Frazer...not sure why. He has LOTS of worst(sp) movies...

I also like The Princess Bride...but have to be in the MOOD

I do NOT like it when they take excellant books and make a crummy movie...I will say though, that LOTR comes closest to actually making a movie close to a book!

Sorry, but I dont get that bunny pic.

Did my tag...sent it to you
JTW, cousin

Shesawriter said...

Imhotep was---to quote that bimbo Paris Hilton--HOT. ;-)


Michele said...

Hi AngieW!
Looking forward to those emails!
The Challenge had it's moments. The Dare I think , will deal with Dora..and THAT character I enjoyed in The Challenge, so much, so, that I was thrilled that The Dare focuses on Dora...should be good.

Tanya - hot,huh? Do you like the actor better with hair , or without?

Hi! JTW! Hubster liked the Scorpion King too, but still prefers The Mummy. We bought those, not the SK. I've always liked the story, even with Boris Karloff.