Friday, August 26, 2005

The first rainbow ever seen from my back yard. I was so thrilled to see it. Not only that, but there was a a faint double one just above the bright one. Isn't it beautiful? Doesn't this mean good luck???? Have you even seen a rainbow in your back yard?  Posted by Picasa


Angela James said...

that is a gorgeous picture!

and I can't see anything but trees in my backyard- I have a couple of huge trees that block everything. Including the sun ;) It's nice because we have total privacy in the back of our house. We don't even have curtains in the bathroom! And all I'd see if the trees weren't there is the alcoholic neighbor behind me so I'm just as happy I can't see!

Anonymous said...

Rainbows mean Hope!!
Nice pic!!

Shesawriter said...

After overdosing on FOX and MSNBC's hurricane coverage all day, this picture is a welcomed treat. Thanks for posting it.


Michele said...

Good Morning AngieW!
Howdy Cuz!
Salutations Tanya!

I'm delighted that you all enjoyed the picture. I took 5 all together but this one was the best.
It was such a treat to see its splendor, and it lasted for about 5 minutes!! I would have gone picture nuts with more photos except my camera battery died.
I love rainbows!

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous!!!!