Monday, August 29, 2005

See the ruins to the right? Aren't they romantic looking? The real story is more tragic. Essex, Mass has so much history! The "river" is actually ocean water. We went through salt marsh water ways towards the ocean and back. It was beautiful! There are so many pictures I want to share with you!!! Posted by Picasa


Brandy said...

I have family that lives in MA. My Mom said when she was a girl her family used to vacation on the cape. Your picture is great.

Michele said...

Thanks for visiting Brancy!
Yeah, the Cape is a popular destination. Its really commercialized now. Cape Ann, Glouscester and Rockport are a little different. Rockport is a "dry" town and all the best hidden beaches are held for the residents -have to have special parking stickers. I've never seen a town that so zealously protected its residents. They have the 'tourist' area but if you want the 'flavor' of the way things were, it's there. You won't see a Micky D's or Dunkin Donuts there.
Even the Blue Laws are still in effect! It sounds like a great place to raise kids...if you have megabucks! So, we visit, enjoy, and go home. The Cape has LOTS of things for kids so that is why we go there a lot. Even when its' winter or pouring rain, it's always fun.
OK, enuf of the travel log, eh?