Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Appreciate Your Fellow Romance Reader

I can't stress enough how important it is for me to say the following!

I've had the 2 most wonderful experiences with people I've only met here in the blogosphere.
The first happened a few months ago. Her name is Bonnie. For those visiters of the OOTB, they'll remember her great blog site when she was an active blogger. She's off writing a great masterpiece, of which I look forward to someday reading. She and her wonderful, talented sister, Jessie, encouraged me to try to my hand at writing again. Even sent me an awesome book to help. They had that much belief in me. They are an inspiration!

The second event happened as recent as last week. I was on a romance discussion group site and was responding to a new entry requesting recommendations for good books/authors to read. I listed many, one of which, was Dara Joy. I was talking about all the great titles I'd read of hers. There were comments back and forth. Out of the blue, another voice appeared. Seems my enthusiasm for Dara Joy was shared and my comments were being observed. (yeah, this could be something that could turn weird...in thrillers I bet it would)
She said that she could tell that I was a true fan of Dara's. She had a duplicate book of one of the titles that I do not own and she'd been looking to give it a good home. I ended up being that home. All I had to do was pay the postage!!! Can you believe it?
A transaction based on similar likes, trust and honesty between 2 unknown people occurred. I picked up the book Friday and took care of my end yesterday.

I tell this story to reinforce the basic notion that people ARE good, good people DO exist and I feel honored for having encountered 3 such people, all within the romance book community.

With strife, war, negative news flooding the newscasts and newpapers everyday and the seemingly excited touting of human nature's baser accounts being plastered everywhere you look, I'm glad to not only experience the "good" balance, but pleased to share it with you.

Our planet has beautiful people on it!!!

We need to celebrate the wonder of random acts of kindness.

We need to celebrate the wonder of total strangers still being willing to reach out to each other.

We need to celebrate that you can still find trust and honor. She Trusted my Honor.

Both times, the only common thread between us was Romance books and the Romance Community. The communities enable us to share what we've read as well as our comments about our dislikes and likes.

I appreciate my fellow Romance Readers.
I appreciate all the Romance Authors. If not for them and the worlds and stories they create for us, Experiences like mine would not have a chance to exist.
Thank you!

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