Friday, October 21, 2005

Back to hitting the books

Yes, I do enjoy Robin D. Owen's Heart series. I've read all that she's written so far.
She's starting a new one, the first of which is the book pictured here, Guardian of Honor. When I first saw the cover, I dismissed it as being a young adult book. Passed it by.

Silly me.
Serve up generous heaping plate of humble pie.

This book is really a great read!
Robin is world building again..and you know what? This one read better than the first book in the Heart series.

Would I recommend it? .... no hesitation here..Yes, I do.
The romance is a slow build; very satisfying and complete. The main characters are Alexa and Bastien. The secondary characters are important too. There's nothing in this story that doesn't work. I look forward to the next book out in 2006. Yes, so VERY far away. But, I believe it will be well worth the wait. There are more hunky men to write about..woohoo!

BTW - I blogged to her...the fairy being is pronounced
Fey-coo-coo. I was a little distracted by that throughout the book. I figure, if that's my only complaint....*shrug*, then she's got another winner. *grin* Like that's a big surprise??

The other book, Dead Beat by Jim Butcher is so excellent it's kind of scary.
There is not much romance in this series and you know if you've visited me in the past, that Harry Dresden is not my usual reading habit. What is the draw?

It's a great story. I like the character of Harry Dresden. I am NEVER bored or lose interest when I read this series.

In this one, there are so many surprises and treats for the reader. My gosh, this man's imagination astounds me. I keep hoping for a romance for Harry though, I mean, we've been teased with the possibility for the last 4 books. In this one, I thought for sure it was going to happen...Wow, was I in for a surprise. Things are not what they seem...hint, hint..

The secondary characters have a growth spurt in this story as well. The world building around Harry Dresden, Wizard for Hire, is an amazing work in progress and Mr. Butcher is up to the task. If you are looking for something different in paranormal fiction, then Jim Butcher delivers. Besides, its fun! And you know what? Look at the cover of this book. I've had a nebulous mind picture of Harry....but NOW, I know who I want to model him after...and if ever any of the Harry Dresden books becomes a movie...this is who I want to play him.....

I mean, look at the Hat, the Black coat, the LOOK.

Hugh would make an awesome, sexy, I'd do anything for him,
kind of Harry Dresden Wizard. Of course, in the books ,I'd end up dead like all those guys in the red shirts on the old Star Trek series, LOL!

There's always some type of body count by the end of a Dresden book.

Hugh made a great Van Helsing the stretch isn't far at all.
Oh, I just get the chills when I imagine the possiblities... yum....
This is my book update. I've got some good ones in my TBR pile , but with Halloween coming up, I'm going to be a little distracted. Therefore, I end today's post with....

Whatever you are doing, Where ever you are.....May your Muse Amuse!!


Brandy said...

Haven't tried Robin D.Owens yet. I'm very particular about my fantasy. I'll trust ya though and check the library. My Dh might like the other book. I try to keep my violence quotent down. Right now he's reading a few of the Star Wars books.

Michele said...

Oh, Brandy, I hope you do check out Robin.
The Heart series is very romantic. It takes place on another planet whose society is based on Celtic lore and traditions. Some of the ideas of something called "no time" is simply a stroke of genius. Guardian of Honor follows Alexa and Bastien. Very well developed characters. At first I thought that Alexa was a little too smooth in her transition into the new culture, but you know what? That would have stagnated the story and not sent it in the direction that Robin wanted it to go. It's a clever author who knows the difference.

As far as Harry...don't get me wrong..there is NOT a lot of descriptive gratuitous violence. Its just that there are a lot of bad guys that Harry stands up against. And they never seem to work alone when they plot against him. The female characters are never portrayed as weaklings or TSTL. In fact, they are major playors. You might be pleasantly surprised!
I was.
Now I'm thrilled!

Anonymous said...

I loved Guardian of Honor. I've read it a few times and Sorceress of Faith looks to be fantastic too!

Michele said...

You bet Bonnie!!
I'm so glad you agree.
I love the little snippets of info we get about Sorceress of Faith when we visit Robin's blog.
It makes the wait so much more exciting! (and long :-) )
Thanks for visiting!!

Robin D Owens said...

Thanks, ladies, I appreciate it. Nervous about Sorceress, though, the first couple of chapters were so much work I hope I pulled them off...

Brandy, you can take a try-before-you-buy (check out at the library) look at my work at under READS.

Thanks again, Michele and Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Your quite welcome, Robin! I think I might have to read it again just before Sorceress of Faith comes out :)

Judson Knight said...

Hey, Michele. Deidre was at the Waldenbooks booksellers' convention in St. Louis earlier this week, and she and Jim Butcher had booths right next to each other. She said he was a super-nice guy. I'm sure she'll be blogging about it either on her blog or the Knight Agency's. As for Robin Owens, thrilled that you like her work!

Michele said...

Judson! Really?
Right next to each other...*sigh*, that is so fascinating. Nice to know that he doesn't just write about a niece guy, but that he IS one too....makes me glad I support his work by reading his books.

Any yes...I do enjoy Robins imagination....hence the blog *grin*
Thanks for making me envious of Deidre! LOL

Michele said...

Oh good grief...Dont EVER tell Mr.Butcher I called him a "niece guy!!" *holds head in hands*
Nice,,,I meant NICE Guy!!!
Darn, those finger burps!