Monday, October 03, 2005

Factoid Nonsense to Mess your Mind


Are you an expert playing Jeopardy along with the contestants? Does Wheel of Fortune leave you yawning? Were you a rabid MatchGame watcher back in the 70's??
Then maybe you don't want to read beyond this. You know all this stuff already.......

For those of us whose minds love useless factoids, please allow me to fill your quota for the week.

Q: Why is the expression "Davy Jones" used for the sea?
A: The term is used for the evil spirit that is supposed to rule over the sea. Jones is believed to be a corruption of Jonah.

Q: What is the difference between a gourmand and a gourmet?
A: A gourmand is one whose chief pleasure is eating. A gourmet is a connoisseur of food and wine. The first regards quantity more than quality, while the latter chosses quality rather than quantity.

Q: What does the workd "khaki" mean?
A: The word "khaki" is Hindustani, meaning dust, earth, or ashes. It is applied to dust or clay-colored fabrices, and to a particular cotton material of such color.

Q: Where is "Hell's Half Acre"?
A: This is a fictitious term applied to a number of places where outlawry has held sway, particularly in desert sections of The West. The Geographic Boards has a Hell's Half Acre listed as being on the Niagara River in New York State. There is also one in the so-called bad lands of South Dakota.

Q: Why is a wife often called "the better half"?
A: This term made its first appearance in English literature in Sydney's "Arcadia" (1580), where Argalus says to Parthania, "My deare, my better halfe, I find I now must leave thee." Shakespeare used the term in the sense of a very close and intimate friend.

Q: Why is a hoax or extravagant tale called a Canard?
A: The story was of French origin and was to the effect that a flock of ducks practiced cannibalism, eating one of their number each day, until they were reduced to a single survivor, who, it was contended, had eaten all his companions. The story became common in Paris until when any marvelous tale was told the listener would shrug his shoulders and exclaim, "C'est un canard!" ---"That's a duck!"

So really, folks...that's truly the first Survivor Realty Show!!! The ducks beat us!!!
And these factoids.....a few from 40 pages of wisdom found in a little 1935 booklet by a
Mr. Frederic J. Haskin ....are, amazingly enough, still used today!

In honor of October:

BTW - I need your help.
I and my crew are hosting a major Halloween party.
I want to dress up as a Mad Scientist...but since I can't walk around wearing beakers and should I dress???
Do you know of any props that are user friendly and won't limit mobility?

I've got 2 weeks to pull it altogether. This is going to be the last year (3rd) that I'm spearheading this. I want it to be the best for all the kids and parents. Any ideas????? OH, I've made Cat Poop cookies for 2 years....would like to try somthing new as you can only take so much poop....:-)..


P.s. HOLY CATS!!! Did you see my post before this one? I just noticed ( I like to re-read sometimes)...the first eye-candy AND the cover of The Master are SIMILAR!!! I didn't do that on purpose, HONEST!....oh, this is just too weird.........*giggle*


Anonymous said...

Cool factoids.

As for the mad scientist thing, hmmm, not sure, maybe those ridiculously oversized glass frames, you know, the joke kind and depending on how long your hair is, spiking it up until it looks unruly, and of course the white lab coat that all scientists seem to wear in movies.

LOL I'm sure you'll come up with a great cookie idea }:)

Michele said...

Thanks Bonnie.
I'd thought about the hair, but not the glasses.. I'll "look" into that...*grin*

uk-charlie said...

Hi Michele,

A mad scientist lol, well thats not too taxing, a white lab coat, john lennon glasses, yeah perhaps the spiky hair thing would be good...

P.S I like the photos :)

Charlie xxx

Brandy said...

I agree with all the above. Hair spiked like you were stuck in a light socket, but I think oversized glasses with black frames and tape on the bridge. Also need a lab coat. Maybe stained with scarey looking stains(let imagination work).

Michele said...

Hi Uk Charlie,
I guess the white coat and spikey hair are going to be a sure thing.
Thanks for the advice.
Oh, and I'm glad you like the pics!

Michele said...

Hey there Brandy!
OOooh, Scarry stains and tape on the glasses...nice additions. Between everyone advice, I think I've got a good vision of my Mad Scientist...
Such a relief too...

Kristen Painter said...

You're goofy.

I like you.

Michele said...

Kristen....You like me? *grinning a "goofy" Cheshire grin*
I'm SO glad you stopped by!
That's a nice comment to see first thing in the A.M.

Gangadhar said...

Wonderful factoids with cool pics!..really enjoyed..
And Michele, another one to add gourmand and gourmet....glutton!!
And very nice post,indeed!!

Annalee Blysse said...

I had to check out the eye candy first! The last post made me stare wide-eyed. Now, these top 10 made me laugh. I friend of mine sent me goofy jokes today.

Michele said...

Ah! gangadhar....after seeing YOUR post about the new food blog, I understand about "Glutton". With food that looks like that, I'd be eating 'till I popped!

Happy to hear that you liked the pics!!!

Michele said...

Annalee, I'm confused.
What did you stare wide-eyed at???
Which eye candy?
OK, maybe not confused, mostly curious....cuz I like all my candy
BTW-are you going to share the jokes???

I'm going to check your blog!

Meenal Mehta said...

hey Michelle,

i saw your comment on gangadhar's blog..he had put up a picture of my food blog and you had asked a question about the thing in the white bowl...

:)it was eggs..full boiled eggs in curry

heres a link to my blog

have a good one

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the mad scientist thing, but you could sure dress up as a Cereal Killer. Using a lightweight coat or jacket of any color, attach to the front of body a bunch of small cereal boxes. Use plastic knives peirced through them sideways and decorate the boxes with a little fake blood. Voila! You would be a dangerous Cereal Killer extordinaire! -herbalsheila

Michele said...

Thats a RIOT of an idea...
*giggling silly*
Thanks for the great idea!!!!!

Michele said...

Thanks for the nice words And the solving of the mystery. Eggs, huh? I never would have thought to do
I do like your blog....