Sunday, October 02, 2005

Shocking/Strange Links and a Book

Mondays sometimes are welcome and oftentimes we wish there was a day between Sunday and Monday.
Since there's not....and you are probably seeing this (I can only hope) on a Monday...allow me to open your eyes with some visual cyber candy.

There's more of course, but this site is mostly for male visual appreciation. The few of use to us romantiholics are worth the "raising of the monocle" if you will.

The website that this comes from is
Bill Dobbins Photography

I found this by mistake...looking for something else. Can't say I was too displeased with the results, *grin*

Whilst blogging with another blogger, I was introduced to another website unusual product. For this one, there is eye candy with a purpose. It's not for the faint of heart, truly. Or the closed minded. But I forsee a market beyond the current focus. The owner/creator feels the same way; and with his marketing savvy, I expect no less. His first name is Eyal. Isn't that unique? This is a pic of him.
Curious? Click your mouse HERE

I did promise a book too, didn't I?
I just finished THE MASTER by Melanie Jackson.
The very first paranormal romance I ever read that made enough of an impact for me to search out more of the same, started with her book, THE SELKIE.
The Master is her 5th book in the series. ( Wildside) With this book, you kind of have to have read a few of the originals in the series to get a handle on this one.
In order is, Traveler, Outsiders, The Courier and Still Life. I've read them all. The Master is one of the best. Gee, maybe it's the title?
This has hobgoblins, pookas, an enchanted shian and a pixie who doesn't know he's a pixie. It has a dragon that we are starting see a personality for and a nice romance between the characters. I'm always thrilled with Melanie Jackson's stories and The Master is no different.
I do not see her mentioned as an author that is read by other fans of paranormal, by putting her book and name here on my site, I'm correcting this oversight. She has a place here. Just thought you should know.

OK, that's enough stuff for a Monday. (I'm writing this on a Sunday though) I'll have more tomorrow.

Have an awesome week!!!!

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