Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Smile, Kelli!!!

I was visiting a fellow blogger who had a tale to tell.

I almost wish I could be a fairy godmother...but you know those Sidhe, be careful what you wish for. So, in lieu of magic powers, I'm dedicating this post to Kelli.
Remember the old "Calgon, Take me away!" commercial? Takes more than bubbles to work that kind of mojo. So, reader, humor me today. I'd like to give Kelli an Orlando moment. *Ahem*

Mr. Orlando Bloom hears a story that really touches him. He has a plan.

The phone rings at Kelli's house. There are days when it seems like it never stops. After a hard day of trying to help her students, even those that are clueless as to what a treasure she is...sometimes it gets to her and when that happens,
all she wants to do is just shut the world away and blog with her fellow bloggers. However, being the dedicated and responsible professional she is, she dutifully trudges to the phone.

"Hi Kelli! Heard you needed a pick-me-up. Anything I can do to help?"

"Who IS this?"
"Oh!", sheepish masculine chuckle,"Sorry...I was just thrilled to get you on the phone. It's me, Orlando Bloom."

"NO!" gasps Kelli breathlessly.

"Yes!" Orlando laughs. "I'm sure my call comes as a surprise, but I really appreciate teachers and the work they do. You are a hero in my eyes. It's one of the reasons I posed for the Reading Program posters"
"Hey, I've seen those. You, uh, looked really good with a book."

He laughs again. "Thanks, Kelli. Hey, I'd really like to take you away for an evening. Show you a real good time, you know, in appreciation for all you do., What do you say?"
Kelli, holds the phone away and looks at it. Can it be real?
"Yes! I can't think of anything better! ", she thinks for a moment, "How should I dress?"
"Hmmm" ,Orlando muses, " I guess it depends on what we want to do.

We could go for a ride.

We could go swimming , using my yacht to get there.

Or just a night on the town. What do you think?"

Kelli, thinks for a bit and makes her decision. "All of the above!"

With a smile in his voice, Orlando replied, " Then that's what we'll do! Get Ready Kelli, because I'm picking you up in 2 hours. Don't worry about directions, I've got it covered. Get ready for the time of your life!"
Kelli replaces the phone, walks on pure euphoria towards her room. Orlando was coming to take her away.....for a night...just him and her. Life is GREAT!!!! And you know what? She's really, REALLY glad she's a teacher.

And who knows how the night will end....?

Who says that wishes don't come true?


Shesawriter said...

This was hilarious! (g) Now do one for me. Only make him Clive Owen. LOL!


Chris said...

Ooooh, girl! Thats priceless! He is cute, though. Unfortunately, I think I'm OLDER than he is. GAH! Anytime you want to treat us, GO FOR IT! And Kelli, Teachers are the best! My Dh wants to teach college.

Kelli McBride said...

Michele, I am sitting here all teary eyed - seriously. Thank you so much for the Orlando fantasy. You are such a super person. I'm glad we're Blog Buddies.


Gangadhar said...

That's hilarious...nice post from your side,Michele...

Annalee Blysse said...

Nicer to look at than eggs too! :)

Michele said...

Tanya! So glad you stopped by!
*giggle*, you need one too, huh?
So, what's your stress? What could Clive do for you????

Michele said...

What? Older? Heh, You and me both. BUT, you are only as old as you feel.
That being the case,
Darn, I'm a babe!

Michele said...

Kelli, you are SO welcome.
I'm glad it turned your day around.
That makes me feel good right back.

Glad we're blog buddies too. :-)

Michele said...

Thanks for the kind endorsement, Gangadhar.
Its the first time I've ever tried to do something like this..
It was fun.
Anyway, Glad to see you here.

Michele said...

Hahaha re: the eggs, Annalee!
Yeah, hard to imagine a buff egg, LOL!
Thanks for the compliment.

Tarun said...

hey first time here. Nice story in pictures...

Michele said...

Welcome Tarun, and Thank you!!!
Not bad for a first attempt, huh?
Drop by anytime.... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe, Michele :)

Michele said...

Sounds like a Smile to me. Thanks

Judson Knight said...

Hugely amusing post, Michele! My fave was "Who knows how the night will end...?"

Michele said...

Hey ! You're back!
Oh, I'm so glad you liked my post *grin*
Sounds like you got a smile out of it at least.
Always a good thing.... :-)

Judson Knight said...

P.S. Hey, do I no longer rate a link from your blog? You get about 10 times more traffic than I do, though of course that goes back to what mothers always tell kids: "If you want to get a letter in the mail, you have to write one first."

Michele said...

I now have you in my links...so when something comes along in the future...the world will know...at least, my little part of it anyway, *grin*

Charlie (AKA Corwinsmom) said...

Looks like teachers aren't the only true super people in the world!


Michele, the only that rocks more than those yummy pictures are people like you who go out of their way to make a friend smile. (Hope the semester gets better fast, Kelli!)

Michele said...

Corwinsmom? Here? And your name is Charlie???
Way Cool!!!!
How in the world did you find me????!!
This is so fun!!!!
OK, so you made my day for visiting. Woohoo!
Oh, right, like you're not super too?
So Happy to see you visit me,

Michele said...

Tanya M. Nice to see you!
Thank you for your sweet comments.
I had a lot of fun doing it for Kelli and her reaction was more than I hoped for.
Its wonderful when a frown turns right side round. *happy sigh*
Thanks for dropping in!