Saturday, October 08, 2005

What do you do on a Rainy Weekend?

Wow!! Its raining.
Pouring actually. The wierd part is the humidity. As soon as I get out of the car, my glasses steam up so completely, I look like I'm wearing two ovals of fog over my eyes. Very disconcerting. Is this really October???

What do you do when you aren't a duck or a fish in this weather?

Me?......let me think.

I guess helping to bake 6 peach pies is a start. Yum.
Visit the library and pick up my awaiting order. (always a fun thing)
Did I mention that my library's bi-annual book sale starts this Monday? I am SO There!!!!
Woohoo. A virtual literary smorgasboard awaits me. Which genre should I go crazy for?

As far as maybe watching the television on a rainy day..... Think I watch what I want???? Heh. I watch whatever the kids want on TV. Not much choice once the Saturday morning mind-drool is over.

They chose Bionicle: The Legend of Metru Nui. What is it about? I have NO clue. It's a Lego thing.

I blog. Here I am. If you blog too, might I share a few good links to some wonderful bloggers? First, she's really nice and she's an AWESOME cook. Look at the pictures of her creations.. Check Her blog She's Meenal Mehta!!!

Then there's a cool scavenger hunt going on at The Vampire Vixens , Have you checked them out yet????

And, I've seen a lot of people doing a Next Blog, here's my contribution. I ended up finding a blogger who is just entering college in England!!. Originally from Canada as near as I can figure. Wouldn't it be great for her to get well wishes from a slew of wild bloggers???? Say Hi to Caitlin!!

Lastly, I would like to leave you with an image of sunshine and smiles to counteract the dingy and damp mood this rain seems to bring to us.

Come on, don't tell me the movie, Animal House never made you crack a smile!!!!..... Its a wild smile fest!!!!!

Have a sunny, happy day!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the rain :) What can I say? It makes me happy.

Brandy said...

It's rained here for 3 days straight. I LOVE IT! There's nothing better than curling up w/ a book on a rainy day. I baked banana bread, too. I hope your day is great!


I recall my days in the Peace Corps, serving in Central Asia... just south of Siberia. It was October and my birthday, and I was feeling a little bit bored and lonely. I looked out my window and... bam... snow... on my birthday. For a native Southern California, seeing snow on one's birthday is practically a spiritual event. I like the rain, too. Went to college in the Pacific Northwest, but nothing beats snow in October.

As for Bionicle being a Lego thing, as someone with his very own Lego trainset and village sitting where a kitchen table should sit, I should point out that those of us who are Lego inclined aren't wild about Bionicle. It's an abstraction of youth, and a marketing ploy. Which as fine as long as I can build my trainsets and buildings.

Now that I've expressed my insanity on both a genetic and personal level, I'm off to fight crime on other blogs.

uk-charlie said...

Hi Michele,

Lol ! it's been raining here as well, just at the moment though I'm looking out over Newcastle the town in Stoke On Trent where I live, as I write this & it's a beautiful sunny morning :)

Charlie xxx

eMMa said...

I remember watching one of those Bionicle movies with my daughter and my little brother (8months apart in age)over Christmas. It was seriously weird!

You have problems with SPAM 'comments' too?

Michele said...

Hey Bonnie!
Rain is good, don't get me wrong, but 5 inches in less than 24 hours is a bit too much of a good thing.... :-)

Michele said...

Brandy, banana bread sounds great!
Do you put nuts in yours?
3 days of rain? least it was spread out over time. Today, Sunday, the rain stopped but the rivers are under a flood warning until tomorrow. Makes it interesting...

Michele said...

Kevin, you crack me up!
Thanks so much for dropping by and spreading good humor.
I hope that you post a picture sometime on your blog of your Lego masterpiece. I'd LOVE to see it.

So, you're a Libra too?
Happy Birthday back at you!!!

Michele said...

Hi Charlie! Sounds like the sun should make it over here soon too.
Fall is known for windy rainy storms to knock off all the leaves of off the trees although Saturday's rain had more oomph than usual.
It's amazing what we forget season to season.

Michele said...

Welcome Lara!!
You are So right, the Bionicles are weird. How can anything looking like spare parts put together wrong be "alive"?

To be I haven't had a problem with spammers. BUT I've seen many people have them. I was using the Next Blog button one day and I found the same advertisement on 3 blogs in a row. I figured it was only a matter of I went Pro-active.
Have you been bothered???

Thanks for visiting!!

eMMa said...

Yeah, I've been 'attacked' by spam more than a few times. Thats why I've my blog no anonomous comments and by using the verification thing!

Michele said...

Amazing LaRa!
I allow anonymous comments only because I have a few people who I know visit who aren't regular bloggers but I want them to visit AND comment. I can only hope Word Verif.. will be enough to deter the spam.!

Time will tell.

Lynn Daniels said...

I'm so glad we're finally getting rain here! My favorite rainy day things include watching tv/movies (what *I* want!), reading a book, or writing, and not necessarily in that order.

Michele said...

Howdy Lynn!
I guess rain is a good thing after all. Seems many parts of the US need it awfully bad. You get to watch what YOU want? Oh, I am VERY envious! I'm stuck watching Jimmy Neutron...LOL!
I appreciate your visit today.... :-)

Brandy said...

Oh, our rain measured up to flood warnings in 2 different counties for over 12 hours. Also, you bet I use nuts. I use pecans, I live in the south, everything is made with pecans. By the way, you take great pics.