Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mini Hiatus Interruptus

Just want you to know that I'm taking a mini-vacation starting tomorrow.

What that means is I'll be deprived of blogging. I'll be disconnected from my cyber-buddies. My attention will be torn asunder and tossed into the crispy cold winds on a Cape Cod beach. My thoughts will be scattered amongst the gull droppings and entangled bits of strewn seaweed on the shore. To this, I must depart...but know thusly , my fellow bloggers, that I will be thinking of you whilst taking pictures; devising in my mind -words to share when I return.........

Oh, what poetic crap I just wrote.....
Didn't know I was THAT full of it!!!

Just wanted to post a few pictures for you to look at since you dropped by anyway......If I haven't said so..... THANKS!!!

While I'm on vacation,

MUM' s the word....... *giggle*

For him? MMMMM's the word.(?)

Stay Happy and Healthy everyone!!!
See you next week..... TTFN!!


Brandy said...

Liked both posts. this one is more academic, the other funny. Well, they're both pretty funny. As for the tag, don't have anyone else to send it to. Or e-mail it to. Most of the other blogs I look at are authors. And the others that I look at have all done the tag. I don't comment on very many either. You are right. My blog puts EVERY thing I'm thinking out there, I censor everything else I say. Have fun. I haven't been on vacation for 3 years. Next year, BIG one. Again, have a BLAST!

Kelli McBride said...

Hmmm. Did you happen to actually ingest any part of that mushroom? ;-)

Hugh Jackman gets my vote. And anything else of mine he wants as long as I come attached to it.