Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Take a quick peek!

I like to visit other blogs. Every now and again, I find one that just tickles the funny bone.
Please let me know if you find this humorous....I did.... Humor in NZ
In fact, I would love to hear about other people's version of typing sex.
How would YOU write it???

Or this little GEM

I'm eating Cat Poop!!!.....cookies that is. I'm making them too....and I'm not even a were-panther!! Don't believe me? Here's HOW

And last , but not least...for Halloween, I found this site of naughty, sexy pumpkins just waiting to be viewed by you......... will you be brave and check them out???? PUMPKINS!!


Kelli McBride said...

Selfish cybersex:

Page down!

Page DOWN!!!


eMMa said...

:o The top link is on MY blog!! YaY!!

Brandy said...

Where do you find these blogs? Everytime I click the 'next' button, all I get are political blogs or ads for vitamins.

Michele said...

LOL Kelli!!!!
Selfish,hmmmm? *grin*
Oh, we could have fun with this, couldn't we???
Glad you stopped by :-)

Michele said...

Yes indeed, LaRa!!!
It was too good not to pass the smile around.
The possibilities for giggles is seemingly endless.

Michele said...

Ah, Brandy.....I was really lucky one day. The Next Blog button has introduced me to some wonderful, fascinating and learned people. Out of 10 blogs, I'll usually find 2 that are awesome; hence LaRa's site. She's so funny!
Gee, I'm trying to remember....I'm wondering if you are one of those wonderful people I found via the Next Blog button?????
Do YOU remember????

Brandy said...

Actually I kinda found your site first. Then you found mine after I commented. Did you see Katie MacAlister's site for field trip friday? The liquid generation thing was so neat. It made me scream. Seriously.

Gangadhar said...

very nice links...thanx for sharing wid us..

Annalee Blysse said...

LOL! The dogs trick-or-treating is great too.

Michele said...

Brandy, I didn't take any of Katie Mac's tours ...the DGM however, was quite.....well, I like the pouty look...yummmy! He wore it well :-)

Oh yeah, now I remember how we connected. Still, its cool.

Michele said...

You are a master of understatement!LOL.
Hope one of the links inspired a smile!
Happy to see you visit.

Michele said...

I agree with you Annalee,
Those puppies were so cute!
It's amazing what people will think of to make their pets extra cute!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, Michele }:) Too funny! I also loved the dogs trick or treating.

Michele said...

Oh yeah, Bonnie!,
I'd give those little pups all the bones I had in the house just for being so cute!
Thanks for saying HI

Kristen Painter said...

Cat litter cookies rock. lol

Michele said...

You bet, Kristen!!
They turned out good this year.
They are as fun to make as to eat.

The best thing? people's reaction to their first time. That's always fun.

Brandy said...

told Dh about those cookies, OMG the look on his face! I HAVE TO TRY THEM! Oh, Dh fixed my links thing.

Michele said...

Ha! Let me know when you do, Brandy...love to find out what his ultimate reaction is once he EATS one..... *grin*

Oh, THOSE links...I'm glad you have a genius with you to help.
He's YOUR hero!!!!