Monday, October 17, 2005

What a Wash Out! So what???

I've returned from the land of Everrain. Ever hear of it? It's the place that is a vacation destination. Once you arrive there, it rains, all day, everyday... it rains. Not a drizzle, not a gentle mist, nor a sporadic drop from a passing cloud; no, it pours in torrents, drenches, floods and saturates anything and anyone foolish enough to walk out their door or leave their car; Rain. All. The. Time. Everrain a/k/a Cape Cod, Massachusetts. That's where I went. I do not have gills, I do not have feathers with that glossy stuff that allows moisture to bead and roll of off my back..I am a human. I was a very wet and bedraggled human. Am I glad to be back home? No.
A rainy day on vacation is better than a great day at; pick, home, grocery shopping, get the point.

Yes , I took pictures..... at least they are dry.

This is what I saw from the motel room. Like I said; dreary, wet and uninspiring.

However, I could throw a stone and hit the water, so at night, the sound of the crashing waves was therapeutic.
That is how close the room is. A stone's throw away.
I wish I'd brought a recorder so I could take the sound of the waves with me. *sigh*

The last day......the sun rises.
The SUN, mind you.
On the LAST day........*shakes head*

This is the same view from my room, but now with the clarity of the sun's rays, the view looks cheerier, more crisp and inviting.
The power of the sun!!

I was able to get in one game of Pirate's Cove mini-golf- it actually stopped raining for , heart be still, 40 whole minutes!! I believe that equals the time it took to get out of the car, pay admission and play to the 4th hole. The last 14 holes were played in the rain. Thank goodness for the pirate caves!

The day with no sun.....but with a 40 minute respite from the rain, allowed me to take a quick jaunt to the beach. (before the brilliant golf idea) There was an 18 inch eroded embankment . In all the years I've been going here, I've never seen it eroded this bad!

Here....see the disturbed sand? That is where I slipped....didn't fall, thank you very much....
So, in my A through E quiz, I asked what you thought I did on the beach.
I'll tell you. I walk and look for shells. I look for seaweed to take home...yes, it CAN smell. But, I'm used to the BROWN, flat kind. Not what those stormy waves dropped....deep green, Absolutely, hold your nose with a clothes-pin, smelly , who knows What kind of seaweed(?), seaweed. Ungh!

Shells mixed with that stuff was a definite No-No. I was empty of shells this trip...

Can't sunbathe without the sun. Well, you could in a way....but Man! Its' chilly.

Then, on top of the smelly green stuff that was so bountiful that it resembled a grass covered beach , (recollect it's VERY smelly grass) I find this lovely little momento washed ashore for a crystal-clear environmental statement. Some one, Somewhere, was having a Bud-lite. Drinking does not make a person ecologically smart....duh.

So, here's the scene I was hoping for my entire vacation. Sunlight, surf, wind in my face, salt spray misting my glasses and the beauty that only nature provides.

Am I glad to be back?

I missed you guys.


Kelli McBride said...

Sorry for the wet vacation, but I'm glad your back. Here in OK, it's 90 degrees, clear skies, and dry wind. 4 days ago, it was low 60s and overcast. I was all set for Fall, and now the weather is back to late Spring. But rain is moving in Wednesday - just in time for Fall Break. Figures. ;-)

As we say here, if you don't like the weather in OK, wait a few seconds and it will change. ;-)

Brandy said...

Sorry your vacation stayed soggy. Glad to have you back,. You still took some great pictures, there's no way to take a bad pic of the ocean. Have to say, I prefer the Mountains myself.

Barkernews said...

Hey, great pics!
Now I totally want to check out Cape Cod. I think Mass. is on my list of next places to move to.
Sorry your vacation was kinda rainy... but it looks like it coulda been worse!

Michele said...

Howdy Kelli!
Fall break? You have a fall break?
Hmmmm, I take it school starts earlier in OK?

That is hysterical! The phrase,
"wait a few seconds......" That's the SAME thing that we say in New England. We say "minutes, though." Too funny.

90 degrees is a bit warm for me. I like low 80's. That's my idea of ideal.
However, based on 40 degrees temps lately.....I'll take 90, *grin*

Michele said...

Salutations, Brandy!
Thanks for the picture praise.
Mountains, huh?
I agree. We went to Fort Ticonderoga 2 years ago. Beautiful mountains there. I lost those pictures when my old computer crashed.
*sigh*, that's a sore subject.
It just means that we need to go back to take more pictures, right?
Glad you stopped by!

Michele said...

Big Hi to you Brian!
Thanks for visiting and the nice words about my pictures.

You are SO right, it could have been worse.
Now, in Taunton, where my little sis is, the city's dam in on the verge of breaking. Residents are being evacuated. So, yes, I'm actually OK with the way my mini-vacation turned out.

If you ever really do move to MASS, the East has the history and the west has the hiking trails, mountains and a plethora of flora and fauna.
Steve Corwin's home base is in the Western half of Mass. Did you know that?

Anyway, it was a treat seeing your comment on my blog.

Kelli McBride said...

Recently, colleges and high schools are starting at different times, but usually we begin the fall semester around the 3rd week in August and go until the 2nd week in December. Parent/Teacher meetings and fall break usually are scheduled around the 3rd or 4th week in October (whatever week the 16th-20th falls on a Thursday).

Of course, OU students get to vote on taking a fall break or taking the OU-Texas weekend off. They usually vote for OU-Texas, which is a week or two earlier. It's stupid as well, because they only get that Friday off, but fall break is Thursday and Friday. Just another example of football madness. ;-)

One of the rewards in teaching college is the very good vacation time we get. Now if I only had the money and energy to actually DO something with that time.... ;)

Annalee Blysse said...

Oh, that looks so nice. Love the ocean. Miss the ocean! Welcome back. :)

Michele said...

Thanks Annalee!
It's great to be back.
Its hectic, but great.

That Gregg who comments on your blog, he's a real pistol, isn't he? LOL!

Meenal Mehta said...

lovely pictures Michelle ...

Michele said...

Nice compliment about my pics, Meenal. Thanks.
I love to take pictures. I share them when I can...kind of like you and your yummy creations!!