Sunday, October 23, 2005

Michele's Google World

Although there are quite a few meme's going around that I've only seen and not participated in, I decided to do one of my own, based upon what I've seen. I'm taking "Google yourself" and trying a few variations:

Michele Wants:
Michele wants to do 40 things, including seeing Barry Manilow.......Yeah, I guess so, but to list that FIRST?!! No way! #1- meet hunky men!
Michele wants to visit 2 places. Australia· Italy Yes, what a great idea! (to meet hunky men)
Michele wants to compete with professional male golfers. *sigh* Stroke for Stroke, oh Yeah...
Michele wants a makeover to help her go from "Ken to Barbie." Whoa!! I'm Barbie already!!
Michele wants you! Hmmm, well, that depends if you are an ALPHA male., remember I'm a Barbie!....LOL.
Michele wants to make sure that we're not losing too much weight Heh, like THAT's a problem?
Michele wants decadence. Why YES!, how did you know??

Change it to: Michele Kisses and I get:
Michele kisses Giorgetta pass on this one..

Change it to: Michele Listens to:
Michele listens to the sun Interesting how do I DO that???
Michele listens to what her clients say Only if it is something good...
Michelle listens to the recorded phone message from the terrorists This one kind of freaked me out...great if you are an author and it is a device in a storyline......
Michelle listens, takes action, and delivers Oh, yeah, superhero, that's me!

The classic Google and the one that you DO see everywhere is
Michele Needs:
Michelle needs to learn to be more careful with her Voodoo.*giggle* yeah, gotta be careful where I put that pin!
Michele needs to write another book SOON Another?! I've got to finish the first one!
Michele needs help adjusting her body regularly Do I EVEN want to know what I need to "adjust?"
Michele needs more than just some chick licking her p*ssy, **Gag! Sputter!** I left this one in just for the bug-eyed factor.

The last one seemed to bring forth an avalanche of choices...
Michele has:
Michele has a great idea how to counter PETA's latest offensive anti-meat bullshit Hmmm, I do like my bloody steak every now and again...must be the Vamp in me.
Michele has appeared in several TV shows Aw, shucks....
Michele has been a Star Wars fan since the first time she saw the film No Truer words than this....amazing!
Michele has a good point. The planets seem to be aligning for malign purposes Well OF COURSE!! Halloween is next week!
Michele has been on a virtual flying lap ????? What is a flying lap?
'Michele has a sense of humor! You bet!
Michelle has no integrity at this point in her life. Huh! Good thing I have a sense of humor!
Michele has the most beautiful head and proud carriage Oh Pshaw! *flutter the lashes*
Michele has great legs, because they're not hairy! Ooookay *ahem*
Michele has far too many clothes WHAT?!! You can NEVER have too many clothes...
Michele has unbridled energy, passion, and enthusiasm *grin* I Blog, therefore I Am........

So, what do you think???? What have YOU Googled about yourself.??? I'd love to visit and see the results.....
Oh, by the way...have you ever noticed that when you type the word "results" and your fingers go faster than your brain, you type "resluts"? That happens to me alot. Should I be worried??? *giggle*
Have an awesome day!!


Brandy said...

You are too wicked. By the way, everytime I type my name in and do a search, it brings up dog stuff. Seems my name is a popular name for doggies. And I may not be beautiful, but I'm no 'dog'.

Michele said...

LOL Brandy!!!!
Snappy comeback! You crack me up!

J.F. Cossey said...

Resluts?! LOL Well I think the funniest one that came up when I keyed in "Jessie needs..." is "Jessie needs a diaper change." Now, although I am closer to 40 than 30, I would hope that I won't require diapers for years and years. hehehehe Or EVER, would be nice. :D

Michele said...

Diaper change?
Thats a riot!
I'm with you, no diapers forever!
Thanks for sharing your your google...

Anonymous said...

Did you send me a yahoo messenger invitation by email? I tried to answer you but I got a fatal error message when I replied. If you did, just send me an actual email so I can be sure I answer the right address :)

Michele said...

Hi Bonnie!
Yes, I sure did. New toy. Thought I'd give it a whirl.
I've emailed you already. If you had a problem, I think the other 3 people will too....*sigh*, How embarassing...I can't even get an invite correct...
*shakes head*
Thanks for letting me know.

Michele said...

BTW, Bonnie:
I was just checking my acct. Seems part of messenge still has my old email server listed. I tried to change it but the website said that changes would take 10 days to take affect.
Can't anything I do be easy????
Anyway..the only addy it recognized is the "Today" one....
I guess I should be grateful that you alerted me to the problem. If no one had let me know, I'd be getting an inferiority complex waiting, and I am VERY grateful for your note.

Annalee Blysse said...

I had fun with this one. :) i had a visitor from your blog today. Made me smile! From that 3 month old entry. :) Times goes by so fast!

Michele said...

Really, Annalee?
3 months ago?
I checked your blog comments and I am (embarassed to say) totally clueless. I'm tickled pink they made you smile, but WHO was it?????
And yes, time does fly by when you are having fun,,,and blogging IS fun :-)

Gregg said...

"Michele has far too many clothes": This was clearly written by a man who doesn't know women. There is just no such thing as a woman having too many clothes. :-) -Gregg

Michele said...

Oooh, Gregg, you wonderful man,you.
Can we clone you???

Judson Knight said...

Well, Michele, as usual I'm way behind. Until reading your post, my understanding of "Googling yourself" (something I do every month or so) was to put in your name and see how many entries are about you. (Other than me, principal matches for "Judson Knight" are: a dentist in Kentucky, any one of several men who show up on genealogical records or other historical documents, and an erroneous match for "Babylon 5," in which an actor with the last name of Judson plays a Knight.) But you've given me a whole new way to Google. I'll have to check it out.

Michele said...

Please do , Judson. And I'll link it.
I admit, I like to blog surf...very bad habit..but when I'm able to come across something too weird and strange to be believed, I feel it's worth it to share.
We all need reasons to smile...
therefore, I blog