Monday, October 31, 2005

How Do You Celebrate Halloween???


Yes, I'd really like to know. What are YOUR Halloween traditions that either you do now, or remember fondly from your past???

Me? That's easy. I feel very fortunate to be able to continue the "tradition" that I grew up with.

Back in MY day, kids would go door to door in the neighborhood. There was always the "house" no one wanted to walk by, so we ran instead. I remember clearly, the lady who didn't believe in candy and gave out nickles...that was cool. Always, the family or neighbors that we knew well would try to "guess" who the little Indian Princess, witch or vampire's were.
We came home LOADED!!

Now, the tradition continues in the neighborhood of a good friend of mine. I take my family and go with her's and we have a ball. Over the years, they now recognize us so the sense of belonging and community, borrowed though it may be, exists. Going to the Malls, Grocery Stores and even local Police Stations are well and good, and a sign of our times that they have replaced the "neighborhoods", but I'm happy to hear there are still pockets of old fashioned American Halloween celebrations with similar memories being made. For me, I'm glad I can pass that on to another generation.
Well, enough of the social comments. Onwards to Halloween sillies!!!


She had one explosive Halloween!

Think she was alone in the fracas?
Nope, click here to see her

Halloween Cohorts

This was just fun to see.

I love hot dogs.....however, these are especially irresistible. If cutie Halloween poochies are your Trick or Treat preference, Click on


Halloween humor. Do you have the time to laugh?For those of you going to parties this may want some entertaining anecdotes to share. I found a VERY funny site that has naughty but clean jokes, (well, to be honest there are a few....*cough* visuals *wink* that are not so clean ) and amazing pictures and, ....oh,... just laugh out loud entertainment. Interested? Please check out: OCTOBER JOKES

Examples: I'm a Libra so that means.....Libra is still standing in front of the closet trying to decide on a costume.
Check out the story of who has paranormal PMS!!!
And the final tease to get you to check out this site is for you to tell me What happens to the witch when her bra strap breaks?????

The only thing you'll win, however, is a Good Laugh!!!! But seriously, isn't that
worth it?

Here' s hoping that your not too tired this evening after
DRAGON your goody bags home!!!!!

OK, bad pun, I admit it...*grin*



Brandy said...

You crack me up! Where do you find the time? I've spent all day running around trying to get normal errands done. And then having to run back out to find candles for the pumpkins. Ugh. The kids went trick-or-treating with their dad, had a BLAST! We just went throught their candy and they have enough to last them a looooonnnggggg time! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Michele said...

I made the time because I had a few of these in mind for awhile. I did all my errands when my little went to K in the afternoon. I've just come back from T or T, and I'll tell you. The kids came back with POUNDS of stuff. EGADS!!
I went as a Nurse Witch. With scars and stiches on my face, very loud lipstick and my black withc hat. Man, when I smile, my teeth were WHITE! LOL.
Had a beautful evening for it...the stars were out, no wind and the company was fun. Couldn't have asked for a better Halloween.
Glad yours was fun too. It seemed special this year.
Thanks for visiting tonight!

Annalee Blysse said...

LOL... great pics of the hot dogs. Ah! Ha! Ha!

Michele said...

Delighted to know you enjoyed the puppies. I'd seen other sites with just the mustard, but you CAN'T have mustard without the ketchup!!

Gena Showalter said...

Love the pics!!! And your dog pic is way better than mine. You're right. Can't have the mustard without the ketchup!

Anonymous said...

We did the trick or treating thing when I was young. There was one teacher who always had this elaborate haunted house type thing for the kids to walk through and then we got great treats :)

Michele said...

LOL, Gena. I'm glad you dropped by. I would have enjoyed seeing what a "hot dog" with Relish or Chili would have looked like *grin*.

Michele said...

OOOH, I would have liked that, Bonnie!
Great memories.
Last night, there was this sixtyish guy who opened the door with this Viking Helmut with HUGE horns on his head...He Booms" Welcome to Viking Land!!! Are you ready for a Viking Treat???"
All the kids were like.."Yeah!!!"
That was so cool!

Gregg said...

I don't really do much on Halloween. It has never been one of my favorite holidays. As a kid I liked dressing up and getting candy and as a young adult I enjoyed the parties, but now I'd rather have a nice meal out and some music. My mom always made the best costumes. I went as a chinese tea bag one year and I won awards for best costume. I had on a long braided wig, fu man chu mustache, and silk gown. It was soo cute :-)

I love the hot dog pictures :-)


Michele said...

Chinese Tea Bag, Gregg? Cool!
That's really original. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful memory. I wish you had a picture, though .... I bet you were cute too.... :-)

Shesawriter said...


What is up with that woman? It looks like she stuck her finger in an electrical outlet. LOL!


Michele said...

*snicker*, Good one, Tanya. It's one of the reasons I posted her pic and not one of the others, hers was the most outrageous. I wanna do that next year.... :-)