Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Are Women more Naughty in the 21st Century?

Of course, someone is going to lambast me for even using the word "naughty", like it's a bad thing instead of something positive.

When did that change anyway?

Why am I even bringing this subject up? It goes hand in hand with the romance genre that I'm so fond of.


Women and Sex.

Women and Sex and Men's perception of what they want from us.

Women and Sex and REALITY


I was visiting a site that I like to read every now and again to get the pulse of men's perception's about us women.


There's a lovely report about Elle MacPherson claiming that she likes sex for the sake of sex ... no emotional commitments or baggage.

The term that was quoted was "joyous spontaneity".

Euphamistically pretty, isn't it?

What have the guys said on the blog in response?

I'll paraphrase .... no wait... this is too good to dilute

I'm going to try a short cut to the Blog CLICK HERE

Honestly - this attitude can have an impact on the romance genre if it gets explored with conscious effort. What I mean is; we enjoy the emotional connection that happens between hero and heroine. It's part of the dynamic of what we call the HEA - Happily Ever After.

What will happen if we start reading more in line with Elle's position?

Is that romance?

Can we be satisfied with that?

How do YOU feel?

Do you know what surprises me the most about the few comments from men that I read?

They're not thrilled with this new reality.



Check out the link and come back and tell me what YOU think.


Brandy said...

I'm sorry. I'm a conservative woman. I can't see having sex for sex' sake. To me, emotion must be involved. Granted it seems almost liberating that women are now being equal to men in this regard, however, isn't this the one thing about men most women abhor?

Michele said...

I am not sure if I made my own opinion clear. I agree with you Brandy. I can't see having ... what do they call it, a "booty call"? for one night and then... latidah, off you go onto the next one ... Where's the intelligence in that?
It's the emotion that makes it more than instinctually animalistic behavior.
We're human and are suppossed to be able to apply higher reasoning. Our emotions/feelings are part of that dynamic.
I mean, a part of the process is part of the act of creation of which we play a vital emotional part.
Maybe I'm being overly simplistic, but Mother's Day is full of heartwarming sayings on cards all over the country.
We celebrated it not that long ago so everyone should remember how mushy and sentimental the sayings can be.
Being women it is more special because we are seen as nuturers.
To totally embrace that Sex for Sex's sake has us losing a portion that makes us special from say ... the female tiger. Or that specie of monkey that ruts constantly with parents, offspring, - incest abounds in THAT primate branch. Anyone see that science report a few years ago?

On the other hand ... if you are single and are just experimenting in finding yourself and what you like and don't like by experimenting with sex (if you can't wait for "The One") - well, that is slightly different because you aren't adopting it as a way of life, a personal outlook or belief.
As long as they don't spiral down into a pursuit of sex in a shallow and hurtful manner, I say, for them, go with the flow.
But do it safely and use protection because accidents DO happen. And that cavalier attitude towards sex will bite you in the ass ... and good luck finding that casual guy partner... HE won't have to carry the results of spontaneous joy for nine months.

I have to ask...is it really REALLY worth it as a lifestyle?

Brandy said...

I guess my reply was to simplistic. I believe that as a society women are looked upon as the nurtures and are just now being seen as equals toward men in ALL things. Unfortunately I am worried that a new "sexual revolution" will occur where women do not want nor need male companionsip for themselves or possibly their children in the future. What kind of society will we have when neither gender feels the need for a fulfilling relationship with each other. What will we be teaching future generations? Oh, and the college age who are 'exploring'? They have personal devices for that! *g*

Michele said...


In a nutshell, the breakdown of the family unit.
That's what all the clerics are upset and worried about. This is a sign, a symptom of this trend. But those that are in the middle of living it, can't see that.

Again, I agree with you totally!

"Personal Devices?"
Woman, you CRACK ME UP
Like the pink Glow in the Dark one that Jill Shalvis used in Without a Clue?
Dang, you got my funny bone on that one!

Brandy said...

I LOVED the use of the pink glow in the dark one in Get a Clue! I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever read!

As for the clerics worry. Basically, that was what I was referring to, the breakdown of the family unit. Women have been the voive of reason and morales for centuries, and now....well, it is something to be fiercly worried about. I tell Chris, and I'll be lambasted by anyone else reading this, that the breakdown of our society began when we took prayer out of schools. Kids today......well, I swear they are even more selfish and hateful every generation. BUT, that is another discussion.
Thanks for the deep thinking. Sometimes it's so easy to get wrapped up in daily life. It's nice to have a serious discussion that doesn't revolve aorund my kids or hubs!Have a wonderful wednesday!

Kristen Painter said...

I just blogged about sex in romance today. Personally, I'm over the excessive use of sex in romance. Romance isn't sex, it's being in love.

Michele said...

Hi, Kristen!
Wow, like minds and all that.
I agree with you about Romance not being sex and vice versa. I checked out your blog.
Great post!
And I agree, when it's excessive, there's not enough story to warrant the purchase of the book. Makes a reader shy away from buying the next book.