Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beauty on the Weekend

The sights that we marveled at this past weekend weren't restricted to those of man. Nature played a hand in making this past Memorial Day memorable too.

Flag at Fort Phoenix

The Bay by the Fort heading towards sunset

The Swan family. The little gray blob in the middle is their baby ...
fluffy and cute

Oh Yeah, the signs of spring heading into summer. The Mating Season of the Horseshoe Crab occurs this time of year.
Amazingly enough, even when the water recedes, they don't ... um..disengage and head back to water. They will stay "connected" for days. No matter what.
Now THAT's dedication to propagation! *giggle*
Tomorrow - the Fort


Brandy said...

Makes you wonder if horseshoe crabs invented their own Viagra! *G*
The pictures are very lovely! I'm so glad y'all had a good time.

"The Rake" said...

Great photos.

This time of year really opens the world up for all of us to explore.

Dru said...

Nice photos. Thanks for sharing. Look at the baby swan..how cute.

Kristen Painter said...

Oh man, I haven't thought about the horseshoe crabs since I lived in OC, MD. I can remember my brother and I playing by the bay and there would just be tons of them!

Michele said...

Brandy!!!! You are cracking me up...*snort* Viagra for horseshoe crabs....Sheesh! *gg*
I'm glad you like the pics.

"The Rake"...Well HOWDY and Welcome to my humble blog!

Thank you for the compliment on my photos. And you're right, I adore this time of year because there are so many opportunities for that "Kodak" moment.
This is the time of year I keep my camera with me all the time because you just NEVER know what you might see.
Thanks again for stopping by!

Dru! Thanks and I really wish the baby swan came out better. The strangest thing about that pic is the timing. We turned around to look at someone who was making a scene, turned back and they were gone! It took less than a minute. I am SO lucky I got that pic!
I am thrilled to even have it to share with you.
I'm glad you liked it.


Good Evening, Kristen!
YOu know, this is the first year that there were a "ton of them" too. I was amazed because up until we started staying at this motel, which is right next to a busy harbor, Horseshoe crabs were considered spectres of the ocean. We only ever saw the shells or dying ones...never freely swimming, never mind procreating!!!

You were SO lucky to have that experience!!! What a treat.
Thanks for sharing one of your memories ... it sounds like a pleasant one.