Friday, May 25, 2007

Blogger hates Animated graphics

Every time I post any kind of animation, no matter how miniscule, it causes my Internet Explorer to crash. I have to DEBUG and shut down. The ONLY reason you see these beauties is because I hit save before they finished their explosion. It took three tries to even be able to type what I'm typing right now.

You see, I ONLY DOWNLOADED THE ONE PICTURE !! and this is the result. (Ka-Boom!)

Although, for today's post, it's kind of appropriate as I'm tootin' my own horn.


It seems like each individual flash gets its own picture, yet they all are sparkling. What's up with that?

Has this happened to anyone else?


BTW - Happy Memorial Day to all, espeically those that Have served, Are serving or Will serve.

America wouldn't be what she is today if it weren't for your dedication and sacrifice - past and present.

HUGS, whereever you are.


Kristen Painter said...

Happy Anniversary!

Brandy said...

Happy Anniversary Michele and Hubs!!

Lauren Dane said...

Happy anniversary!

Michele said...

Thank you, Kristen!
It was a 90+ degree day and it was awesome! You're stopping by means a lot and is a treat, :-)

Brandy! We thank you. He got me one of those musical cards.
You'll never guess the theme song.

Guess that's what happens after 22 years and 2 kids? *giggle*

It's all good.

Lauren!! OMYGOSH! HI!
Thank you for the the anniversary wishes!
BTW - Yesterday I finally downloaded Enforcer and Trimates!
I am SO looking forward to reading them.

Mailyn said...

Happy happy anniversary!

Cynthia Rayne said...

Happy anniversary!

Dru said...

Happy Anniversary!

Michele said...

Mailyn! Hi! Thank you! :-)


Cynthia... Wow, thanks for visiting me and THANK YOU for your anniversary wish. **VBG**


Hey There, Dru. Thank you!


Annalee Blysse said...

I never have had luck with animated gif images and blogger, so I never tried to upload again. I save them to a free account at I've had their free service for years. It is very easy to use. Just have to get used to their screens.

Annalee Blysse said...

Oh yes, and happy anniversary. Didn't catch that until today.

Marianne Arkins said...

Woo Hoo! 22 years is awesome. Hope you had a wonderful celebration.

Michele said...

Annalee! I keep forgetting Photobucket is out there. You're right about the screens - I have some there, which I think you know. I'm going to have to remember to upload my favorite glitter graphics and USE them. LOL

And thanks for the anniversary wishes! *grin*
Whenever I get them, I'm happy to have them.
BTW- Like the new icon!

Marianne! Hello!
Yep, 22 years - where'd they go? LOL
It was a nice day but it was hectic packing and getting ready for the long holiday weekend. It was almost like we had an extended celebration. Couldn't have timed it better.
Thanks for stopping by and for the anniversary wishes.