Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Day

What a wild day it was today with all kinds of odd weather, changed plans and happy feelings.

We were under a tornado watch for about five and half hours. Nothing ended up happening and that's a good thing. OH, we had a humdinger of a storm with the full effects of wind, rain, thunder and lightening, but no loss of power or tree limbs. Lucky, lucky us.

Today started off with my not going to work as usual. Had to switch my days off as my little one had to stay home today.

Today was THE field trip of the year - going to a local zoo as an entire class.
Except they serve peanuts in all the food fed to the animals and the place is dirty. I mean, I went there two years ago and I was knocked flat for a week with an asthma attack and all the repercussions thereof. Can you imagine what affect an additional two years of animal crap and dander would have on me? Without my parental supervision to make sure he didn't go into anaphelactic shock from accidental peanut contamination, he wasn't allowed to go. I had to take the entire day off from work.

What do you think it's like to be the only child out of 25 not going pn a field trip because of food allergies??

And I have to say NO because I myself have problems there .... *wheeze/gag**

What to do to make it up to him?

First, I took him to a natural park that had gym sets and swings galore and we had swinging contests to see who could go higher, then took him to the bird zoo there and marvel at the turkeys in rut, the snow white chickens with the impressive red crowns being chased by a smaller Rhodey, a Peacock in full fan, owls that winked at him and bald eagles that were indifferent and a Red Tailed Hawk that looked like it wanted us for lunch.

Then, I took him to a quaint country store and let him buy candy while mom bought cooking herbs and a new pan scaper. Then zoomed off to Old Navy to buy a new pair of shorts and a shirt for both kids and then to Whole Foods where he fell in love with the cherries on display. At flippen NINE DOLLARS a pound, he wanted cherries - so, he got cherries - 1/2 pound, thank you. :-)

Heck, I even taught him how to pump gas - hold the handle and squeeze. LOL

We beat the T-storm home by five minutes before the sky opened up and dropped so much rain so fast, it seemed like we were shrouded in fog, yet it was only wind and rain. Very impressive display.

The day ended with the second to last Paws for Reading event and he got to read to Auggie this time, the Doberman Pinscher. Such soulful eyes that dog has.

So, that's what I did.
Do you think I made it up to him? Do you think I did OK?
Did I lessen enough the trauma of not going with his classmates?

Only time will tell.
Only time.

Oooh ! Ooooh! I tried to download my chicken thing at Photobucket. Let's see if it will load, shall we?
*fingers crossed*


Brandy said...

He got to spend the whole day with you. Just you, and him, together. I think when he looks back as he grows up he'll remember this day more than any 'ol Field trip to the Zoo!

Brandy said...

Awwww, the chickens are sorta cute. Do you ever wonder if they could walk WITHOUT bobbing their heads? *G*

Dru said...

Michele, I bet you gave Son one of the best days of his young life.

Now why couldn't the class go to the nature park?

Nice download.